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The Lethal and Hidden Facts about Games.

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The Lethal and Hidden Facts about Games In this world, games are considered as a form of entertainment. There are many types of games, ranging from board games to digital and visual games. In this 21st century, games are played on high-tech systems with requirements very high. For example, let's take a game called DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). It is a game where you have a mat with places for you to step on. Each place you step on makes a dance move on the game. These games have never been heard of before due to the fact that technology is increasing everyday, not only that, these games are very costly. ...read more.


Entertainment is needed just like water, but sometimes it gets to the point where the users of these entertainment systems can get addicted. Entertainment is to relax the mind, to relieve a person from stress not to get someone addicted to a game. A little further on, the only way I can avoid addiction is to govern myself in a manner so that I don't overstuff myself with this type of entertainment. This is a very hard thing to accomplish, because entertainment makes us relax, and we enjoy relaxation so much we want more. Not only that, entertainment is so addictive because it makes us enjoy it, and soon it becomes so fun you don't want to quit playing it. ...read more.


The only way I found that works to avoid this dangerous habit is to do something I like instead of playing games. One thing I like to do is to play competitive team sports like badminton, basketball, and volleyball. I think by playing an alternative to these games that are also fun and active will help a lot to avoid addiction to these types of games. All in all, I think that by keeping yourself free from addiction is to not play games that run on high-tech systems. Games that don't require much technology don't make players addicted as easily as those played on high-tech systems. Just by playing active sports that aren't addictive can improve your whole life, and this always works for me because it frees up a lot of time for other important tasks. ...read more.

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