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Types of E-commerce

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked Types of E-commerce E-tailers An e-tailer is a business that sources products from other suppliers and sells them in their own store online; they only sell through e-commerce and would not survive without the internet. E-tailers are a great way to be competitive as they do not need storage to hold their items which means they do not have to have overheads for shop space, electric and water or staff. This means they can set lower prices and attract more customers gaining more profit. An example of an E-tailer is Amazon. This is because Amazon sell products from different suppliers but do not sell their own brand of products. ...read more.


but have now expanded to e-commerce and now sell their products online. This means they work in both sectors and get all the benefits of being online and also being on the high street. Although costs for running both ways is high, it means you are selling to a wider customer base which will hopefully increase sales and profits. Tesco is an existing retail businesses as they originally started as a traditional brick store but now also sell and deliver their products online. Consumer Led e-commerce entities A consumer led e-commerce entities is a site that allows you to buy or sell your items through auctions. ...read more.


For example, Sky sell customers services such as phone, TV and broadband to customers. Financial e-commerce entities A financial e-commerce entities is a service provider focuses on financial services. The main areas are insurance and banking. They will not have a physical shop and everything is done online, although they may have a call centre to improve customer service. Because they have no overheads they can provide good deals to customers. An example of a banking financial e-commerce entities is Smile. An insurance example is quotemehappy. A major issue with these businesses is trust. Because it is all online businesses there is no face to face service which some customers may not trust. ...read more.

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