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Roles in police service

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Roles in police service In the police service there are many different jobs such as the police officer, special constable and administrative officer. All of the roles in the police service work and support each other and each role would have to be treated equally important as the other for the police service to have an effective service. When a police officer attends a scene of crime they would have to firstly record the offence on a 'crime report'. The crime report is used by the police to record all the investigation details. The crime report would help later on in the investigation to follow up what has happened so far and also what further actions need to be taken. After the crime report the police officer would have to carry out any enquiries at the scene to help identify the offender. This concludes of witness statements, security camera videos. Once a suspect has been identified the police officers at the scene will arrest and interview the suspect. ...read more.


Some schools even have their own constables which work onsite. A police community support officer (PCSO) has the role of supporting the police force. The role of the community support officer's is to be visible in places were anti-social behaviour could take place, as a way to prevent it. The PCSO's have a similar tasks to patrol constables in the view that they reduce the fear of crime to the public. The duties of the PCSO's are to deal with any anti-social behaviour, such as graffiti and youth nuisance, kids bunking off school (truancy), and litter. Their other duties are to protect and support the public from crime, detaining suspects until a police officer comes to take control of the situation. The PCSO's do the work of the traditional police which involve a lower-level crime so that the police could attend to the more serious crimes. The PCSO's like the police, they have their own uniform which is similar to the police forces. ...read more.


Mainly the research they conduct would include the starting salary, how many hours and holidays they get off from work, how long they would service in the job and what age he or she would retire from the job and if they are able to claim certain benefits after retirement such as pension, some people like to also check the shift patterns to see if they are suited for their lifestyle. In the police service the starting salary of a typical police constable would approximately �20,000 per year. They would also get 23 days of holiday for the first 5 years which would rise after the 5 years however they don't have any set lengths of service which they have to fulfil and would retire from any age between 60 and 65 depending on their rank within the police service however if they have the option to retire and get full pension if they have served for 30 years, at any age. The shift pattern would vary between the forces however every officer would have to do 40 hour of work per week in the police service. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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