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There are many measurements available to monitor changes in breathing capacity. One of the simplest measurements used by doctors and patients would be the peak flow meter

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Mohammed Almuaathen                                                                        17th of October 2005

Peak flow measurement


There are many measurements available to monitor changes in breathing capacity. One of the simplest measurements used by doctors and patients would be the peak flow meter. A peak flow meter is a “portable instrument that detects minute decreases in air flow, used by people with asthma to monitor small changes in breathing capacity[1]. The peak flow meter has two parts, a mouth piece and a meter measured in litres per minute (L/min). This type of measurement is used for diagnosis and self-management; it is very cheap and easy to manage by the patient. But unfortunately it is not very accurate as the meter only measures in every 10 L/min. There will be a greater inaccuracy to smokers since they have greater damage in there bronchioles. A peak flow meter will help the patient to tell what is going on in his airways rather than guessing the way a patient feels, also it will help whether the patient needs to change his treatment.

Asthma is a “medical condition which makes breathing difficult by causing by causing the air passages to become narrow or blocked[2].

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  1. Check the pointer is at zero and stand in a comfortable, upright position.
  2. Hold the peak flow meter level and keep fingers away from the pointer.
  3. Firstly take deep breath and then close lips firmly around the mouth piece. After that blow very hard onto the mouth piece.
  4. Look at the point and record the reading.
  5. Reset the pointer back to zero. Repeat this method three times and record the highest readings.


My three peak flow results are 500 L/min, 520 L/min and 500 L/min.

I have produced a histogram to show the distribution of the PEF of the whole class for males and females:

PEF (L/min)










PEF (L/min)












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In general peak flow meter reading will vary according to age, height, gender and also it varies from person to person, as seen from the results,it is difficult to say exactly what a persons best peak flow should be. I conclude from results that males in my group have greater vital capacity than females. I was also aware that in my group, ages do vary from someone who is 30yrs and another who is 18yrs. This is one of the reasons why the histogram graph has large distribution between both genders.

I believe, from what I was given, that the results I obtained are fairly accurate and it helps professionals to conclude whether a patient has air inflammation or not. Also helps the doctor to give the right treatments to the patient.


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