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Comparing Broadsheet And Tabloid Newspapers

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Comparing Broadsheet And Tabloid Newspapers In this assignment I am going to compare a broadsheet and a tabloid newspaper. I have chosen The Sunday Times and The Sun. The Sun is a tabloid newspaper it is sensational. Prone to exaggeration and slang. Has more graphics and photos than a broadsheet. It uses simpler language and has more eye witness unbelievable accounts. The Sun also has a lot more celebrity news, gossip and scandal. Other examples are The Mirror and The Star. The Sunday Times on the other hand is a broadsheet. It is more upmarket than The Sun etc. There are more written articles and they are reported in much more detail. They deal with more political and global issues. They are aimed at the more sophisticated person. They are much more informative than tabloids and are much bigger in terms of size. They are aimed at the business class because they have a business and finance section. ...read more.


The Suns masthead is designed, to be eye-catching it is big, bright and bold. It takes up a fifth of The Suns front page, and the writing is white on a red background so it stands out to the buyer. It is red a colour which is associated with labour because The Sun is a more labour influenced paper. The Sunday Times is the complete opposite it is conservative which means you get a lot of differences between the two. The Suns masthead is sans serif it is the opposite of serif. This style is younger more rebellious it brakes the rules it is no longer formal and plain, it is a simpler font so that it is easier for a more illiterate audience to read. The Times has a royal crest, which makes it classier, more formal and appeals to a more upmarket audience. The Sun has a big red masthead this makes it eye-catching to a passing buyer. ...read more.


The Suns front page is just one big bright eye-catching picture, the reader to the paper and makes him wan to read on. The Sun has very catchy slang headlines but they make you think when you read them. The Sunday Times' front page has more writing than The Suns front page. Even the normal type The Sun uses is twice as big as The Times'. There are more pictures in The Sun because it is a more sensational paper, The Times has only a few pictures because they paint pictures in your mind with the words that they use. The Sun often uses slang, catchy headlines and exaggerates when they think more people will buy the paper. The Times is very formal and straight, in the opening headline or paragraph of each article, it always tells you straight away what its about, but The Sun tends to play on words an stimulate the readers mind because each paper is different and tries to produce a different effect, on the reader. Comparing Font, format layout, pictures and headlines we start to see more differences in these two papers. Then we move on to the rest of the paper ...read more.

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