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Comparison between the sitcom 'Friends' and the play of 'Neville's Island'.

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Comparison between the sitcom 'Friends' and the play of 'Neville's Island' By David Blick The hit sitcom 'Friends' started ten years ago when we were first introduced to Monica, Rachael, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey and today I am going to compare the sitcom of 'Friends' with the play of 'Neville's Island' which was written by Tim Firth. Neville's Island is not only a play. It has also been recently made into a film starring Timothy Spall, Martin Clunes, Jeff Rawle and David Bamber. 'Friends' on the other hand was written and still remains for television and for the past ten years it has been broadcast over the Atlantic to millions of eager viewers both in America and the U.K. In America 'Friends' is broadcast over the television network of NBC compared to the U.K where it is received through Channel 4. When we first observe the film of 'Neville's Island' we are introduced to four businessmen, who, when their boat sinks, find themselves stranded on a small island, called Rampsholme in the middle of the Lake District's Derwent Water. The Four Characters in Neville's Island are on a team-building weekend, they are Neville, (Jeff Rawle), has become the elected Captain of the group, who then proves he is unfit for his position when he leads the team in the wrong direction. He does his best to maintain order in the group's arguments, and works well as a go-between as he proves to be very reasonable with his fellow peers, and he seems to be the most adjusted member of the group to 'island life', He is dressed in an Anorak and wears glasses. ...read more.


four colleagues seem to have been forced to be together and this creates lots of tension between them particularly with Roy and Gordon with his rants about "all Christians are like radio-hams". The four colleagues seem to be each putting up with each other constantly and we get a sense that if they had not worked in the same workplace, these four individuals would never had considered becoming friends with each other. The Two drama's of 'Friends' and 'Neville's Island' have been written in the same decade and they include many moral issues and information about current affairs for example the mood of 'Friends' was slightly changed for a while during the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World trade centres. The home life/lifestyle has affected the personalities of all the characters in either drama such as Phoebe is slightly mad and sometimes eccentric. This may have been caused by her circumstances as a child as her mother killed herself, her stepfather went to prison, and she lived on the streets for some of her life. In 'Neville's Island' we see Gordon who appears to bully most people he sees by picking up on every flaw in their character and using it as ammunition against them, Gordon appears to be in denial as in fact he is very lonely but refuses to admit this. There are many themes/issues that arise from the two dramas of 'Neville's Island' and 'Friends' such as Status; in 'Friends' the 6 characters stand almost as individuals and they respect each other because of it and apart from minute outbursts from such characters as Monica giving rants about "Crummies", but this is simply a part of Monica's character and does not distinguish her as having more power over fellow friends. ...read more.


Angus' jokes are more centred on farcical subjects that when told aren't very funny at all, but they appear to have been funny in Angus' head as he laughs at his own jokes a lot. Roy doesn't really have a sense of humour as he appears to be too wrapped up in his religion, but sometimes he can appear to be quite argumentative and almost psychotic. The sitcom 'Friends' is also centred on comedy and the humour is directed at and centred on the characters. The characters all respond differently to different situations but comedy is usually created by the use of facial expressions, accents, off-the-wall comments and the immense use of timing and pauses. From both plays there are many ideas that I would like to experiment with and include in my improvisation unit of "Stranded", such as * Being stranded * Comedy/Sarcasm * Characters, with similarities to that of Neville's Island and friends * One of the characters has a secret. * Tension * The types of characters that have been created for example Joey's use of timing and comments, Monica's obsessiveness, Phoebe's eccentrics, Roy's almost psychotic state of mind and his belief in religion or Gordon's sarcasm and use of negative comments. The themes used within these two dramas, for example I have decided to base my "Stranded" improvisation work to create a piece that is focused on a shipwreck, like that of 'Neville's Island'. The different social settings have interested me and I understand how they affect the piece, we have decided to set our drama on a ship that is in the middle of the Irish Sea and it is full of escaped convicts/murderers that steal the boat and hold its occupier hostage, who for coincidence the criminals know, They are all Irish. 2,850 words 1 David Blick - 10D ...read more.

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