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Discuss How Ethnicity is Represented in Moses Jones

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Ethnicity in Moses Jones In Moses Jone, ethnicity is represented in many different ways the use of dialogue, camera, editing and mise en scene. In the first few shots, we see a band of black males playing some typical blues which is renowned for its black origins. Shots with obstructions in the foreground show that there are a lot of people together, showing their unity as a group, breaking the stereotype of black youths together being considered as dangerous gangs. The fact that they are al playing music shows they are all very talented and can exhibit their talents. This shows that they are likely to have been playing these instruments for a long time and are very dedicated people. The lighting in these shots is fairly low-key which makes it seem like a jaz cafe or somewhere similar that they are playing in. The next few shots are of an old man, being lost in a marketplace. The music being played in the previous shots is still overlaid seeming quite contrapuntal with the music being fairly upbeat and the old man ...read more.


This white boy also calls Moses 'dread' which is a reference to Jamaican people, which he seems to be calling Moses just because he is black. This shows an element of racial stereotypical racial ignorance on the behalf of the white person. When we initially see Moses, the first shot is of just his right eye, we only know he is a black male in this 20's-30's. The next shot we see of him is a silhouetted LS. This allows us to see that he is well built and he lives in what looks like a small apartment. This makes us think he is possibly not very wealthy. When he is getting ready, he shaves his chest, making the audience wonder what he is doing with only a few shots of him applying the cream and then picking up his razor. The ellipsis in these shots is used to show the audience certain things which make them wonder what he is doing. It cuts from his taking some tape to putting on a black hoody which has a lot of negative connotations and is often associated with crime. ...read more.


When Moses arrests the boy, he struggles at first but when Moses orders him not to move, he stops almost immediately. This shows the respect the boy has for Moses even though he was trying to prove how tough he was by talking about all the people he had killed. When he was talking about this, there were a number of cutaways of the man serving the food to them. This indicated he was listening and when the boy spoke about burning someone to death, the man gave him a suspicious glance. This showed how he was disproving of what this boy had done and how, if something did happen, he would likely be on Moses's side and admired what Moses was doing. In all, Moses Jones sets out to break the modern racial stereotypes of the white people being the 'good guys' and black people being the 'bad guys'. It also shows the old man being fairly stereotypically black with his accent and being quite helpless showing the stereotypes are still valid to some extent but there is Moses himself, in direct contrast, is portrayed as very intelligent, well spoken and the hero of the drama. ...read more.

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