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From these observations I developed the specific focus for my project 'have new media technologies lead to the diversification of the popular music genre and has there been an impact on contemporary youth culture?'

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My chosen topic was popular music and youth culture. A focus for my project started to develop after I observed that the range of music genres represented through media formats such as multichannel TV and the radio is becoming increasingly diverse. I also noticed that pop music itself if becoming more diverse, and that youth culture seems to be fragmenting into smaller more niche groups. From these observations I developed the specific focus for my project 'have new media technologies lead to the diversification of the popular music genre and has there been an impact on contemporary youth culture?' I began with a trip to my local library(s), where I looked for books by media academics containing theory on the music industry, new media technologies, and youth culture. I found it useful to browse the contents pages of these books for sections of relevance. ...read more.


The internet's vastness is mainly due to it being unrestricted. However, this also means that we must always be wary of internet content. When using the internet, I always recorded who was producing the material and for what purpose. By this point I had reached a stage in my project where there was little more I could learn from secondary research. I decided to produce a questionnaire. I started by identifying what I wanted to find out and then devised a number of questions to try and identify the recipient's social identity and their media consumption habits. When writing my questionnaire I tried to make the questions open ended but not leading. I piloted this questionnaire by giving it to two of my classmates. I was happy with their interpretations of, and answers to my questions. I made a few minor adjustments and handed out 50 copies to people around school. ...read more.


I interviewed Mr. Vanstratten, a new teacher at school who has been working in the new media industry for over 10 years. Although most of what we talked about was largely irreverent I gained a valuable and interesting insight to the media industry, and how it is changing. Towards the end of my research time it started to become apparent that I needed to extend my research on multichannel TV. I decided to survey people watching music channels on multichannel TV. I simply asked two people to watch multichannel TV, whilst I filmed the TV screen in each case. I feel this was very successful technique. The camera was not watching the viewer, and the viewers seemed very unphased by its presence, it was quickly forgotten about all together. The technique gave me a good understanding of how this format is consumed. Overall, I used a range of primary and secondary methods of research, which yielded both quantative and qualative data. I used these methods to gain academic, popular cultural and audience research, and each had their disadvantages and advantages. ...read more.

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