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media studies music video report

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Media studies - music video essay In media studies we have been given the task for our new A2 media course; the task was to produce a music video. Last year we produced an opening scene for a thriller movie and a title sequence for kids TV show. This year's task differs completely to last years work, this time we are designing something around a song. Last year we could design something from nowhere and use our own inspiration to create a short piece of filming. I this is why this year's task is more challenging because we have to design something that coincides with the song and its lyrics. Also last year we were using iMovie, which is a program we used for our thriller and kids TV, whereas this year we are using 'final cut', to edit our work, which is a completely different program, which obviously involves different skills and techniques. Before we started the planning and before we even chose the song we had to learn how to use 'final cut'. ...read more.


After listening to each one, We choose our song, your kisses are wasted on me by the pipettes as it was a fun song and quite bouncy and we thought we could recreate the song by making the video lively, fun and girly as we watched the original video for your kisses are wasted on me and it seemed a little dull and boring. In our pitch we said this and we explained a little what we would do although we still had many more ideas to come. The idea that we planned for our video would be to have scenes of us singing to the camera while dancing. We also took shots of us singing to the camera in different locations such as in front of the green screen also in front of the black screen as we thought this looked very effective. We also came up with an idea to base our music video on a recent blockbuster film called john tucker must die where there is a typical high school boy who plays 3 girls at the same time and the girls find out and join together ...read more.


Within our group organisation was generally good except when one day I forgot to collect the camera meaning we had to wait till the next day to do it. But generally we were organised and got all the shots we needed and possibly more footage than need which is always a good thing as now we can condense it into a good music video with a lot of action. We have now uploaded all our footage to the computer and are deciding carefully which shots we would like to use and which ones we would not also taking into consideration which are the better shots. For our rough cut we had to lip sync our clips together, which proved a little difficult and stressful at times, but we managed to do it and our rough cut looks promising as we are probably half way through the song and yet to finish it. When we were filming we tried to take into account our storyboard and all our plans, which in most cases we did however, we also interpreted our own ideas at the tie to make things even better than already planned. To conclude I think our group have worked very well together and filming was a success. ...read more.

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