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Should Football Introduce The Video Replay?

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Should Football Introduce The Video Replay? Student Name: Craig Boags Module Title: Professional Studies and I.T Course Code: 4LE016 Should football introduce the video replay? Football was first invented by children from public schools who improvised with a ball in their spare time with their friends. It developed from being recreational fun into a huge industry this country participates and spectates in and is not only the most popular sport in the country, but also a multi-million pound business. The rules of football have changed since the early years of the game with new rules being created and modified annually by governing bodies due to more advanced technology and greater finances available. However, there are always loop holes in the rules and there is a fine line between gamesmanship and breaking the rules. This puts increased pressure on the referees of the games to get decisions right, especially with the amount of money involved. Gamesmanship is the "bending" of the rules to gain an advantage; this is used a lot in sport and especially football. ...read more.


On the other hand, there are other technologies being invented and tested to help referees make these difficult decisions. A high tech football is set to change the game by alerting the referee when it fully crosses the goal line. The i-ball contains a micro-chip that sends a signal to a device on the linesman's wrist if it passes the sensors on the posts. It will be tested at a Bundesliga match in Germany on 20th November 2004. If the i-ball is successful then it will be used in the 2006 world cup. Also because there is so much money involved in football presently, it is not just a game, it is a business. Therefore it is a lot more important to get decisions right as teams and players could lose money if a decision turns out to be wrong. For example, managers have been fined for stating, in interviews after the game, their opinion on bad refereeing. In addition, it would also help the players who feel they are being cheated. For example, if a player fouls another player but doesn't believe there was contact, after watching the video replay they may be able to accept that they did foul as it has been proven to them. ...read more.


However, most of the arguments against this happening come from FIFA and the FA due to such a big change in Laws and the financial cost of it all. Football fans on the other hand seem to have mixed views. There is not a majority which want either for or against. Sponsors nevertheless are in favour of the video replay. However, this may be only because they would get more media coverage to help their advertisements. Having looked at both contrasting views I believe that video replays would help the game to progress, especially the idea of the fourth official "behind the scenes" who has contact with the referee, as this would not stop the flow of the game. But this would be quite costly and the chances of it actually coming into the professional game are slight although in my opinion it is a good idea, the financial expenditure would be too great. In conclusion, it is up to FIFA and the governing bodies whether they want to introduce this new system of video replays as it is them who make the rules and laws so it is their final decision. ...read more.

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