The Role of the Internet and Video Games as a Media Institution.

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The Role of the Internet and Video Games as a Media Institution

Mass media can be defined as means of public communication, which is open to all audiences of people living under different conditions in widely different cultures, therefore reaching a great and wider audience. It establishes contact with people at a distance from the media source and from each other. The audience for mass communications is unique to modern society and the main form of mass media is Television, Internet, Radio, and Newspapers.

The Internet is the largest WAN (wide area network) in the world. It was developed by the United States Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency in the 1960s and was initially known as ARPANET. The Internet was designed to be used by companies and Universities doing military research so that they could share information. Since then the number of people who use the Internet, and the services that are provided on the Internet have grown tremendously. Over half of the population of the United Kingdom can now access the Internet.


Unlike other WANs, such as a lottery ticket machine network, the Internet is not owned or controlled by any one organisation. In fact the Internet is made up of many lots of smaller computer networks LANs (local area network) and individual computers connected together by a WAN to enable computer users to exchange information. Computers are linked from cables and telephone links and if the link is broken the message can easily be re-routed. Each small network that is part of the Internet is known as a subnet, this can be illustrated by the system linkage Subnet A, Subnet B, Subnet C, Subnet D. Many academic universities opted to use the Internet so that they could link up their computers throughout the world.

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Today many people have access to the Internet and the number of people who use it is growing considerably, the main reason being that it now contains user friendly software, which has packages that help people use the Internet easily e.g. Netscape. The Internet has now become cheaper as companies realise that they can make a great deal of profit if the majority of the society have the Internet e.g. If consumers join the NTL phone line they get the Internet free therefore encouraging a lot of people to get it. There are many deals that means anyone who ...

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