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The Filtering of Adult Pornography on the Internet

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The Filtering of Adult Pornography on the Internet According to an estimate made in April of 2002, 165.75 million people in the United States, approximately 59 percent of the entire American population, were online (NUA). With such a large number of people connected to the Internet, concerns for the safety of viewers have arisen, especially in the area of adult pornography. Many of the people who oppose adult pornography have advocated a law requiring Internet filters that restrict access to all pornographic material on the Internet. However, a law that requires Internet filters for all citizens are not the best solutions because there is insufficient justification to implement them and that many problems would occur from their implementation. The filtering of adult pornography on the Internet is not justifiable for a myriad of different reasons. First, children can be protected from accidentally viewing pornography through more convenient solutions than a law requiring Internet filters. Secondly, there is insufficient evidence showing the negative effects of adult pornography on the adult population to warrant an Internet filter that restricts all Internet pornography websites. Thirdly, the first amendment rights given to every citizen would be violated by a law calling for Internet filters. Finally, Internet filters may not only block adult pornography websites, but may also block legal and informative websites. ...read more.


With a lack of scientific evidence, it is incorrect to associate adult pornography with increased sexual violence. Therefore, a law requiring Internet filters to block Internet pornography based on the fear of increased sexual violence is unjustified. Although there is a belief that adult pornography portrays women as sex objects and that women are coerced into the pornographic business because of the patriarchal society, this, however, does not warrant a law that filters all adult pornography on the Internet. This belief lacks scientific evidence that proves pornography is harmful to the image of women and is based upon ideology (Hunter). Wendy McElroy, former president of Feminists for Free Expression/Canada and author of XXX: A Women's Right to Pornography interviewed hundreds of women involved with pornography and found zero who believed they had been coerced or knew of anyone who had been ("Pornography"). All of these women had voluntarily participated in pornography ("Pornography" McElroy). According to McElroy, women who enjoy making pornography should not be considered mentally incompetent, but may "come from another background," have "a different psychological makeup, different goals in life or an unusual perspective" ("Pornography"). It is obvious that society has an impact upon the decisions of all, but to say that women involved with pornography cannot make a decision due to cultural pressure eliminates the option of choice in any situation ("Censoring" McElroy). ...read more.


Their results showed that up to ninety percent of materials containing relevant search terms were blocked (Miner). A non-filtered search for "NAACP" listed four thousand documents, while a filtered search yielded only fifteen documents (Miner). In a search for "Thomas Edison", the non-filtered search listed 11,552 documents, while the filtered search showed only nine documents (Miner). Clearly, Internet filters block much more than indecent material on the Internet. In order to filter out adult pornography from the Internet, thousands of other websites may also be blocked in the process, therefore limiting the rights of citizens to view legitimate information. This infringement upon an adult's rights clearly shows that Internet filters to block adult pornography on the Internet should not be used. Although there are objections to the continually growing number of adult pornography websites, laws requiring Internet filters should not yet be implemented. The protection of children from accidentally viewing pornography could be solved through alternative methods that are better and more convenient. There is not enough scientific evidence proving the negative effects of pornography upon both males and females that warrants a law restricting it. A law requiring Internet filters would also violate the first amendment, while also potentially blocking legal and informative websites because of the broadness of the Internet filters. Clearly, there is not enough justification to call for a law that would create such problems. Therefore, laws requiring Internet filters to block adult pornography on the Internet should not be created. ...read more.

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