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The Role of the Internet and Video Games as a Media Institution.

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The Role of the Internet and Video Games as a Media Institution Mass media can be defined as means of public communication, which is open to all audiences of people living under different conditions in widely different cultures, therefore reaching a great and wider audience. It establishes contact with people at a distance from the media source and from each other. The audience for mass communications is unique to modern society and the main form of mass media is Television, Internet, Radio, and Newspapers. The Internet is the largest WAN (wide area network) in the world. It was developed by the United States Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency in the 1960s and was initially known as ARPANET. The Internet was designed to be used by companies and Universities doing military research so that they could share information. Since then the number of people who use the Internet, and the services that are provided on the Internet have grown tremendously. Over half of the population of the United Kingdom can now access the Internet. Unlike other WANs, such as a lottery ticket machine network, the Internet is not owned or controlled by any one organisation. In fact the Internet is made up of many lots of smaller computer networks LANs (local area network) ...read more.


The disadvantages are that information can be easily accessed people become stalkers and obsessed with the individual. The user might not be able to send everything required e.g. Email has a memory capacity and you want be able to send packages that are over the memory limit such as audio. No censor, the data that will be available will be impossible for Governments to stop the circulation of it. This theory is positive as people can have full access with out many problems such as people asking for ID. Companies will get more money, as more people are able to watch it. This theory is negative because young children could see inappropriate things, this can have a negative impact on the society which could encourage illegal sex, violence and drugs etc. Copyright, this will become a thing of the past. Information will be the property of everyone and we will all have access to everything. The advantages is that it becomes extremely cheap and easy to access. More people will be entertained and people that normally can't afford films can now watch them. However this has an effect on the economy as no money is going into the products therefore stopping the flow of an economic cycle this then effect the company as they lose profit making people unemployed and inflation will increase. ...read more.


Playing violent games allows them to explore their feelings, master their rage, improve strategically thinking and empower themselves against life challenges. The negative aspect of participating in playing games is that it sometimes interferes with homework and academic performance. It increases verbal aggression and physical aggression. People that spend time playing violent games are probably more likely to be in fights than people that don't play at all. The Sociologist SKIRROW quoted that: 'Video games are unattractive to women since they are apart of a technology which is identified with male power, and they usually involve male characters acting in aggressive way. Women also state that games are sexist because they tend to have no main role in the video game e.g. they are being rescued or need saving by the main character. Women characters in the game are also not identified by their name but for example someone's girlfriend. Most games are targeted towards the males so most games examine boxing, racing, football and fighting. Overall most games are based on real life situations, this means that they put real life situations into the game e.g. Sims. Its not the producer's fault but the nations fault, as this is how the society operates. In conclusion, I believe that the media is gaining power and will come to eventually directing and determining the culture of society rather than respond to or reflect societies culture. ...read more.

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