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The two different pop videos I have chosen are "The Killers - Mr. Brightside" and I have also chosen "Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River." The Killers are from the rock/indie genre

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Comparing two different pop videos from two different genres The two different pop videos I have chosen are "The Killers - Mr. Brightside" and I have also chosen "Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River." The Killers are from the rock/indie genre and Justin Timberlake is cross genre of pop/rnb. I have chosen the two videos because both of the videos are about cheating on their partners, whereas cry me a river was meant to be an attack on Britney for cheating on Justin Timberlake, Mr. Brightside is how he is feeling well watching his girlfriend cheat on him. The two videos that I have chosen are different from each other, Cry me a river includes lots of special effects and CGI, such as glass smashing, and Justin Timberlake being able to hover around and jump very high Cry me a river has similar aspects to Mr. ...read more.


his girlfriend's bed, which he then leaves on the TV screen to his girlfriends house, which is the resolution to the event, and this revenge is meant to signify his own piece of mind. Mr. Brightside uses very dark lighting which goes with the mood of the song the 80's special effects go with the band's sound, they sound very 80's and that's why their video looks like its from that decade, also the lead singer of the Killers never looks directly into the camera, this is to as if the band were just playing and not actually making a music video. Strangely enough the music video to Mr. Brightside shows dark lighting and night vision is used during the video, and the event is he sings about his girlfriend cheating, then towards the end of the video bright light ...read more.


The shots are totally different in both videos, whereas Cry me a river, mainly uses close ups of Justin Timberlakes face, and back tracking shots, this is mainly to emphasise that the song is telling a story of how his ex girlfriend betrayed him, and now he's getting his revenge. Well the song reveals more, the slow back tracking reveals more of the house and the event that's going to take place. Mr. Brightside mainly uses a medium shot and a close up, and the only items in the scene are the band and their equipment unlike in Cry me a river where there is a house and everything inside the house. Mr. Brightside doesn't really show him getting his revenge but the song mainly emphasizes on him looking on the brighter side of things and moving on with his life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anup Sohanta ...read more.

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