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TV - Lost. In the Previously on Lost section of Episode 21, light is used very sophisticatedly to create moods. Natural light is what is seen on the beach,

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Milandra McGrath 10v 28th September 06 Media: En3 Episode 21 cleverly titled: ?, definitely left anyone who watched it with many unanswered questions On the 22nd September 2004, a global phenomenon struck America - Lost. Observing the success of the programme, forty four other countries soon followed the Lost trend. The cult circled the planet, influencing everywhere from the UK, Australia, Poland and Israel. A quick synopsis for anyone (isolated enough to be) unfamiliar with Lost: Forty-eight survivors of a near-fatal plane crash must learn to fend for themselves and solve the mysteries and unusual occurrences on a deserted island. As an avid fan, I must admit that I have never failed to tune my television in to watch the weekly instalments of LOST. Each episode bombards me with talented actors, brilliant camera techniques and breathtaking scenery. Season 2: Episode 21: ?, did not fail to meet my high expectations either. ...read more.


While Mr. Eko and Locke are in the jungle they are filmed through the canopy of trees, and you can literally sense someone actually hiding behind the bushes watching them. In the 'Previously on Lost' section of Episode 21, light is used very sophisticatedly to create moods. Natural light is what is seen on the beach, but in 'the Hatch contrasting expressive lighting is used to create an eerie and strange feeling. Electric blues and sunburnt oranges are just two of the atypical colours used to show how similarly out of place 'the Hatch' is on the island. The sound is always intelligently synchronised in Lost, its main use is to act as something to accentuate moods, feelings and tension relating to characters. A beautiful type of sound - silence - is also used to stress tense moments within each instalment. In this episode silence was used effectively; during one scene the only noise was of the character breathing. ...read more.


we have finally, and I stress finally, learnt something more about Locke's question mark and Mr. Eko's past. What have been the contributing factors to Losts success are: great advertising + a brilliant team of actors, writers, producers and directors + mystery and secrets = success! Surprisingly, it is an equation that no television programme has managed to figure out before. No, I haven't just based Losts success on my own opinions (in case that is what you were thinking), I do have proof! Lost has won numerous awards for categories including Best Television Drama, Best Ensemble Cast and Outstanding Drama Series. It has also been concluded that next to CSI Lost is the second most popular TV show in the world. Lost isn't just a soap opera on a desert island. There are rich metaphors and themes to be found, such as the functioning of the mind and philosophy; on the challenges of morality and religion; on the nature of civilization and mankind; and on inner strength and spirituality. Episode 21 brings all of these thought-provoking ideas together; the ? could leave anyone theorising for weeks. ...read more.

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