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Website Business Report - A report for the directors of Top Gear plc -

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Top Gear plc Sportswear Website Business Report - A report for the directors of Top Gear plc - Author: Chris Berry, Consultant for Top Gear plc Date: September 2001 Contents Item No Item Page No 1 Title page 1 2 Contents page 2 3 Terms of reference 3 4 Procedure 4 5 Findings 5 6 Conclusions 8 7 Recommendations 9 8 Appendix 10 Terms of Reference My role in this report is to act as a consultant. I am working for Top Gear plc, a company in the retail clothing industry. I will assess the impact that introducing websites has on both employees of companies and their consumers and present my findings to the directors of Top Gear plc in this report. In this report I will also investigate and research the effects of introducing a website into other businesses in the retail clothing industry and how this had affected their company. I will then make recommendations, based on my findings, to the directors of Top Gear plc as to whether it would be worthwhile introducing a website into Top Gear plc. If I recommend to the directors of Top Gear plc that introducing a website will beneficial to the company I may also make other recommendations to the directors such as the most efficient method of introducing a possible website into Top Gear plc. Procedure For this report I have researched and investigated the effect websites have on companies in the retail clothing industry, and assessed the possible effects of introducing a website into Top Gear plc. I have also looked at the effect of introducing websites into other industry sectors, as a comparison, and noted the long-term effects on their business sector. ...read more.


The only difference in this pattern was the 26-35 year old range. This age range of people had less people using the Internet than 46-55 year olds using the Internet. This information shows us that younger people use the Internet more than older people except the 26-35 year old age range. This information can be seen in the appendices (N� 9.). We also found from our primary research that the largest group of people who shop online is the under 16, but surprisingly the next highest group is the 36-45 with the two groups in between, 16-25 and 26-35, having fewer people shopping online. This information can be found in graphical form in the appendices (N� 10.). As an alternative to shopping online we asked people whether they preferred to shop online or in store. The results showed us that most people preferred to shop in store as opposed to online, as can be seen by our graph in the appendices (N� 11.). For my secondary research I found information from adverts in newspapers and magazines and from articles in journals. I found that many popular high street shops, such as JDsports and JJBsports, advertised their shops and products in magazines and, as I have observed, people respond to these advertisements and want to buy the products they advertise. Using advertisements is an alternative way of selling more clothes than introducing a website and seems to have proved affective in the past. Advertisements for popular clothing retail stores usually advertise the store's websites as well as products. After having visited websites for these companies, such as JJBsports (www.jjb.co.uk), I have found that some of these popular clothing retailers do not offer online shopping, as can be seen in item N� 12. ...read more.


Top Gear plc must also keep looking closely at what their competition is doing. If Top Gear plc's main competitors introduced online retail when it became more popular they could increase their market share and so Top Gear plc would be at a disadvantage. Appendix No Title Source Type of research 1. Questionnaire Research opinion pole Secondary (Desk) 2. Quicksilver ad. Magazine (Maxim) Secondary (Desk) 3. JD shop / Nike trainers ad. Magazine (Maxim) Secondary (Desk) 4. JD shop / Lacoste shoes ad. Magazine (Maxim) Secondary (Desk) 5. Ellesse sport ad. Magazine (Maxim) Secondary (Desk) 6. Energie jeans ad. Magazine (Maxim) Secondary (Desk) 7. JJB sports trainers ad. Newspaper (The Sun) Secondary (Desk) 8. Have you or are you considering getting the Internet at home? Primary research results (questionnaire) Primary (Field) 9. Age range of people using the Internet Primary research results (questionnaire) Primary (Field) 10. Age range of people buying online Primary research results (questionnaire) Primary (Field) 11. Amount of people preferring to shop online or in store Primary research results (questionnaire) Primary (Field) 12. JJBsports website Internet site (JJBsports) Secondary (Desk) 13. Download: Internet news II Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management Vol. 2 Secondary (Desk) 14. The rise and fall of boo.com Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management Vol. 4 Secondary (Desk) 15. Youth sports branding in the European marketplace Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management Vol. 3 Secondary (Desk) 16. JDsports website Internet site (JDsports) Secondary (Desk) Our Lady's Catholic High School (46637) Business Studies Chris Berry (7017) Unit 1 BS - web page report.doc 5/2/07 Page 1 of 10 ...read more.

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