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Website management - I'm making a website on Mobile phones the website will include mobiles from different manufactures.

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WEBSITE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 1 I'm making a website on Mobile phones the website will include mobiles from different manufactures, these will be Nokia, Motorola, Erickson, Siemens and Samsung and through these u will be able to access the different models these will all be on separate pages and I will also include a separate page on mobile phone accessories, their will also be a separate page so the users of this website can e-mail me with any complaints, suggestions and compliments on the site. ...read more.


The background colour will be dark and the same on every page so users will not have to adjust the contrast of their monitor, the font colour will be quite bright so it stands out on the background otherwise the users of my website will have a difficulty reading the font. The font colour will not be the same on every page it will vary through the bright colours so every page will have its own unique look. The font size for normal writing will be about a size 12, this size will vary through different sizes so you can tell ...read more.


The dimensions of the phone will be below it and then I will have a description of the phone next to the picture, the description will include how it works and the features of the phone. All pages on the website will have a link to the home page button at the top and bottom of the page which will take you back to the home page, it will also have a link at the bottom of the page which takes you back to the top of the page, and a navigation bar on every page that belongs to this website. All this will help the users navigate around the site a lot easier. Dean Childs ...read more.

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