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What Does a Star Bring to a Film

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What does a star bring to a film? Having a popular star in a main role in a film is usually what makes a film, a film. Stars can, for some films be seen as what sells the film. Either because they have a generic fit, they have done similar work before or have certain qualities that appeal to the particular audience the film is targeting. But is having a star in a film always a god thing? For one, the huge costs involved with hiring a star, also, they may have full schedules and be unavailable or have a rocky history with other stars etc. Firstly, stars obviously have massive selling power with dedicated fans of a certain star. Therefore, if the new 'Jim Carey' film came out, many people would flock to the cinema just to see it solely for the purpose of it having Jim Carey in. Also, being Jim Carey, the audience has certain expectations from that film. Usually with Jim Carey it is a fairly comic film with a certain type of eccentric humour that he bring to characters such as in 'Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (Steve Oedekerk, 1994)' ...read more.


Such as the case of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Tim Burton has cast Johnny Depp in many of his films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Sweeny Todd (2007) and currently in production, Alice in Wonderland (2010). Tim Burton obviously works well with Johnny Depp and therefore, the way Johnny Depp has grown in influence has some element of being to do with Tim Burton. There are also many negative impacts of having a star in a movie. Firstly, and most importantly, is the cost. Many independent films and small-time directors without huge reputations don't have the budget for a major Hollywood star so have to use other, unknown actors. Another issue regarding stars is their availability. Being a major Hollywood star, means they are likely to have a lot of bookings with many film makers all trying to hire them due to their influence so even if it does turn out to be a 'flop' of a film, it will still get a lot of box office revenue due to a star being in it. This can however have negative consequences where a star will be cast purely for the fact that they are a star even though they may not be the right person for the role. ...read more.


For ethnicity, it is not being 'racist' as some may consider, it is just making the film as plausible as possible. For example, if a film were based in India or the Middle East and was entirely about isolated events there, a white American would not be appropriate to feature in it unless there was a part specifically written for one. In conclusion, a star can benefit a film incredibly by giving it almost instant box office success depending on the influence of the star, giving the film a clear generic idea to the public and may bring a certain element to the character. They can also cause a lot of problems. Due to things such as availability, budget, having clashes with other stars or by taking away the essence of the film. Also their gender, age or race may prove to be a problem as if all the other criteria is met, they may still not fit the part they need to play. I feel that overall, for blockbuster movies which may not require as much attention to the plot, stars are essential but for those more obscure films that require a bit more analysis of what is going on, stars can take away the essence and leave it just to being a film about that particular star. Jack Downes - 12E ...read more.

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