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Why did the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's?

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Why did the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's? Melanie Thody 10 Ru In the early 60's and late 50's things changed people were more open to new ideas and T.V, fashion and Music became a very big part of life. They were all new and exciting and every young person wanted to be part of it. Music especially played a big part all that teenagers wanted to do was listen to music but this was made very hard for them there was no radio stations for them the had to listen to Radio Luxembourg which although played non-stop pop music kept cutting out after every few minutes the in 1964 a new pirate station was launched it was Radio Caroline It was a ship which was just outside British territorial waters and did the same as radio Luxembourg, played non stop pop music. ...read more.


At about the same time or just slightly before the same music phenomenon was happening in the USA with bands like the beach boys and the monkeys. British music was influenced by the US and a lot of people looked to the country as inspiration. Neither were instant hits though The Beatles had actually been a struggling band playing in clubs like the cavern, where they actually got discovered and the stones didn't get to number one until July 1964. As the years went on they got more drastic and the Beatles wrote songs which were obviously about drugs and this is why young people liked them because they weren't afraid to say what they wanted to which many teenagers wanted to but never could do before. I suppose our modern day answer to the Beatles would be someone like Eimenem. In the beginning of the 60's there was such an attack on the establishment and bands like the stones and the Beatles upheld this attack. ...read more.


Something that kept the Beatles and the stones in the charts was that they changed with the times, the sixties was all about that nothing stayed popular for very long but they changed as the time went to suit that months trend. The stones didn't change as much as the Beatles but from what they did I think they grew into it, I believe that the Beatles were managed into it but it made them a success, made them very rich and gave each one a chance at their own solo careers. They were legends, the two remaining Beatles now have been successful in their careers and even today the rolling stones are still performing and realising album the most recent one being 40 licks, which was a complete success and which I know of people my own age that brought the C.D so if they get that kind response in 2003 you can only begin to imagine what it was like in sixties how it made their fans feel how much impact they had on everyone whether they enjoyed their music or not. ...read more.

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