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Contemporary Studies In PE

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Contemporary Studies In Physical Education As my sport is Football the Governing Body is the Football Association (FA) They can be contacted through a customer relations page whereby they are "dedicated to developing a proactive relationship with supporters worldwide."(thefa.com). It was created in 2000 and helps fans announce their feelings but also to make bonds with coaching staff alike. Contacts are separated into categories: FACA (football association's coaching association) Tel: 0844 980 8212 E-mail: FACAmembership@coachwise.ltd.uk Football For All (complaints about racial prejudice etc) Tel: 0800 085 0508* E-mail: FootballforAll@TheFA.com All information was taken from (thefa.com) - (http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/ContactUs/Postings/2005/03/Contact_Us) Regional Structure As well as the central FA team they have the segregated county FAs. The Football Association has 43 County Associations who are responsible for developing football in your area. They can also advise you on how to get involved in playing, coaching, refereeing, setting up a club and the Charter Standard Scheme. County FAs are the governing body for football in their district The contact for our local FA would be: MIDDLESEX FA Secretary: Peter Clayton Address: 39 Roxborough ...read more.


Insurance Protection * Education and Training opportunities * Coaching merchandise * FACA Resource Catalogue * Endorsements Other schemes that the grass root of FA provide is funding for leagues outside the national league systems. These are the leagues that the majority of all children play in and are the foundation for young talent A big Charity which constitutes some of this funding is the SportsAid. This Independent charity has three main objectives which focus very similarly along the lines of the FA. A typical national grant is �500 per year and a typical regional grant is usually �250 per year (http://www.thefa.com/GrassrootsNew/Funding/Postings/2004/01/SportsAid.htm) Disabled Footballers There also is a grass root scheme whereby they promote disabled players to participate The Coaching Disabled Footballers course is designed to give football coaches and teachers ideas and practices for the inclusion of disabled players in football sessions within mainstream or impairment specific sessions. (http://www.thefa.com/GrassrootsNew/Coach/Postings/2006/06/CoachingDisabledFootballers.htm) Coaching Award The coaching award the FA provides is very vast. ...read more.


They pride themselves that "football in the UK has no history of cheating through doping" and they want to keep it that way. (http://www.thefa.com/NR/rdonlyres/CEEB70F9-695A-4F70-8898-8BBE6BBC16BB/95076/1982Sec7.pdf) Regional and National Competitions The FA has National Competitions that are incredibly popular. One of which is one of the most well known cup. The FA cup, this cup includes every team in all leagues and is based on a knockout system. Another well known cup is the community shield run by the FA this is for jus two team the winner of the FA cup and the winner of the Premiership from the previous year. Competitions are run by the County FAs in the Surrey area however they are mainly league based instead of cup games, there can be winners and therefore promotions within leagues. Along with the league cup games can be held which FA laws must be withheld. The FA uses these Leagues and Cups to form the basis of the South Eastern Competitions there isn't really any distinct South East competition however all teams form South East England can take part in the leagues run by County FAs. ...read more.

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