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Ever wondered why basketball is one of the most popular games in America?

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Basketball The Greatest Ever wondered why basketball is one of the most popular games in America? The fast paced action packed games are fantastic for anyone to watch. Want to know more about the GREATES SPORT ever created or the greatest teams and players to hit the courts then read ON! History Basketball is the love of many sports fans and even some people who don't like sports. This magnificent game was created by Dr James Naismith in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891. He was a Canadian PE teacher of Scottish ancestry. The first ever game was played with hoops made of fruit baskets pinned up about nine to ten foot high. Basketball is played in almost every country but there are not many countries where basketball is a popular sport, as in America. In America it is huge but unfortunately in Britain it in my opinion is a bit of a joke. Now some more on the American basketball the league in America is called the National Basketball Association (NBA) it is the biggest league in the entire world. With thirty teams conversely English basketball struggles to get ten teams. ...read more.


La Lakers are one of the best teams in the USA they have won the playoffs three years in a row. The playoff title is title that every team desires to win and to win it three years in a row is somewhat unheard of in the world of basketball. The team that I now follow are Phoenix Suns once a formidable force in the NBA with one of the all time greats in basketball Charles Barkley. Who led them to the semi-finals of the playoffs. Phoenix had and has a few more greats such as Jason Kidd, Alan Marbury and Afreene Hardaway. Favourite Players There have been many players to walk the courts of the NBA but only an elite few have left their mark and will go down in the history books s the greatest players of all time. The most recognised of these players is Michael "air" Jordan some people have been known to call him Sir Michael. He led the Chicago Bull to many playoff championships. He also made defenders quiver in their boots with his phenomenal ability to dunk from the ball from places on the court which seem humanely impossible. ...read more.


Basketball trainers are extremely stylish and they are very unique as they differ very much from the conventional trainer as they support your ankles and they contain pumps also they look better in my opinion. Basketball vest and shorts are required if you want to look good. Hip Hop clothing such as ECKO and Sean John which are very nice and significantly attractive can also be associated with Basketball if you are looking for a good basketball make And 1 is one of the best and the style of clothing is rather fashionable and appealing. In conclusion I hope that by reading this it will encourage you to get involved in basketball and maybe even get behind an English basketball team to try and make the BBL as large as the NBA. If you already play basketball I hope that you will encourage others to start playing so there is just as many basketballers as the is footballers and as a final point encourage the teachers to make basketball clubs if they do not have them. My goal to make basketball as big as any other sport can be achieved. By Daniel Cutts ...read more.

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