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Football as its known today was first organized in England in the 1800's and played on school fields across the country

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Football as its known today was first organized in England in the 1800's and played on school fields across the country. Football has come from its humble origins 200 years ago to be one of the most popular sports on earth played in virtually every county in the world. This month 1.5 billion people are expected to watch the world cup final in the German capital of Berlin making it the most watched sporting event of all time. For many people football is more than just a sport, it has brought communities together and started its own cultures and sub cultures. Bill Shankly once said 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I'm very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.' In the early 1900's football began to gain a lot of publicity and soon thousands of working class fans across the country began following there local clubs. The world famous FA cup became the goal for many clubs across the land and was followed religiously by supporters. Thousands of fans watched the games in particular the FA cup final which is still a special event even today. In 1923 200 000 spectators descended into the capital and crammed themselves into the newly built Wembley stadium to watch Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham United 2-0. ...read more.


What had once been harmless scraps in seventies had escalated into mass organized violence and this resulted in the death of a few young men. Hundreds of supporters also died at the disasters that were Hillsborough and Heysel. UEFA and the FA were very quick to pass the buck and accuse the hooligans for the deaths covering their own backs. The state of the stadiums before the matches were overlooked some what by the media and the authorities. If a night club collapsed today and hundreds of people died then you would like to think the owners were brought to justice, wouldn't you? As the eighties came to a close football was in a mini crisis with attendances falling and the national team failing once more to meet the grade. Football entered the early nineties and radical changes were taking place. The premiership was formed and became the new top tier of English football unashamedly splitting the money making elite from the other clubs slowly descending into debt. Television rights were sold to SKY TV for millions of pounds and a new breed of McDonalds eating replica shirt wearing commercialized fan was introduced to the game. The hooligans went missing for a few years due to marriage and other commitments many people say the rise of ecstasy and acid house was the reason they disappeared from the football stadiums. ...read more.


The FA and Premier league had catastrophically mucked up. The attendances though were still high despite the unbelievably high ticket prices for premiership matches. Worryingly the top player's wages went into the hundreds of thousands which led to the increasing inflation of ticket prices once more. The England teams reached the later stages of all the European Championships and world cup and currently are awaiting their quarter final world cup match against Portugal next Saturday. The country will once again be united once more as the nations hopes are rested on the football team. Football now seems the only circumstance where someone can be openly patriotic and not be branded a racist by the politically correct system we live in. Working class supporters still are as passionate today as they ever have been and football is still a fantastic game which brings together communities. Football has made millions of friendships world wide and started off its own culture that has influenced music and fashion forever. Bands such as Oasis, the stone roses and the happy Mondays are superb examples of the football orientated music and fashion has that has penetrated main stream culture. If football had not existed we would not be living in the same society as we do today. No other sport offers as much as football has for people. For the players there are no racial, class or age barriers and for the spectators there is nothing more rewarding than watching the team you have supported become successful. ...read more.

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