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I am investigating women in sport

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Research Project AS - Unit 2 Section B I am investigating women in sport. The particular are of focus for this study will be women's participation in sport. This interests me as participation in sport for women is a lot less than men. I can see this is apparent from my own experiences, amongst my peers sport participation has decreased as we've got older there doesn't seem to be as many sporting opportunities, consequently interest in sport is lost. Books identify and discuss the problems with women's participation in sport, television has hardly any women's sports coverage due to few women athletes. I am interested to find out why this is, what effects it and what can be done to solve this problem. I will begin this project by trying to find out why women play less sport, I will then investigate the issue further by finding out the factors which affect this, whose responsibility it is to ensure there is women's participation and what is being/can be done to improve this. ...read more.


Women as rugby players or fighters fall outside typical stereotyping. Esteem- self esteem is an important factor in participation, perception of yourself affects participation competitively and otherwise. Notes from advanced pe for Edexcel these show the reasons why some women don't take part and explain how this affects it. Things that stop women from participating Global- constraints which exist at a global level. Eg. No womens steeple chase Institutional- constraints applied to certain institutions and orgnisations e.g many don't allow women to box Cultural- some religions don't allow women the same freedom to compete in sport as men Domestic- some countries have social traditions which prevent women from being free to compete as they wish. Taken form A-level pe, these show constrains outside a womens own descion to take part in sport, shows that in some events its not possible and in some cultures its not possible as women don't have the same freedom as the men do. ...read more.


They're heroes and mentors, leaders and role models. Their images are taped to bedroom walls and locker room doors. They walk the earth disguised as parents, teachers, coaches and athletes. They are the chosen ones -- the ones who can make a difference in a girls life at a time when making a difference matters. But if you look at those pedestals and walls, there are few women present. he percentage of women coaches has decreased, not increased. At a time when girls strive to define themselves as women, it is still difficult to find a female athlete or coach that can be a source of validation for a girl bursting with athletic passion. present female athletes found their mentors in brothers, fathers, and male coaches. the closer a role model is to an individual's profile, the more that individual can realize their own potential to be like them. This was take from wsf Uk and explores another reason why participation is low because there are few people 2 look up to and it links in with the encouragement when young so they can become role models for others. ...read more.

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