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Local and National Provision Assignment Title: research and write about the local and National provision for your preferred sport.

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Sally Yates 23rd January 2003 Local and National Provision Assignment Title: research and write about the local and National provision for your preferred sport. In this essay I am going to study tennis as my preferred sport and look at the facilities provided for it in, Suffolk and on a larger scale, the UK. I will try to explain how tennis is managed by including: How our local facilities are funded. The agencies involved in providing funding and organising grass-root developments and elite sporting opportunities. The structures and pathways involved in becoming a talented performer. Issues that face participants of all individual differences. The provision for participants with disabilities. There are many tennis courts around the area where I live, although the very closest are privately owned. The nearest public courts, are in Bury, the Abbey Gardens has 2 courts, but a �5 fee must be paid for each hour of using them. These courts are run and maintained by the local authorities. The Victory Ground and Risbygate are both clubs and require a joining fee to be paid initially, however both also have strict rules, which players must stick to. ...read more.


From doing a lot of research on tennis I know that there are very few recently published tennis books in the Bury and Thurston libraries, which cannot be doing a lot to promote the sport in this area. 'Cliff Richard Tennis Trail' is a scheme that helps clubs develop tennis in local primary schools. It provides coaches, equipment and funding to develop curriculum and after school tennis in hundreds of primary schools around the country every year. There are other schemes such as: The Yoplait Tennis Awards - aimed at kids of all ages and abilities provides an award scheme around the concept of rally activity. Nestle Ladder Competition - available to all junior players in schools and Clubs. encourages competition for juniors. Mini Tennis LTA - provides the first steps in learning how to play tennis. Robinson's JNR Tennis - aims to boost tennis participation among kids at grass roots level. focuses on kids who have graduated from the LTA's mini tennis programme. The National Lottery gives 28% to good causes from its total profits and sports are included under this amount. ...read more.


They recognise a schools commitment to providing a quality programme of physical education and school sport. It then provides a range of integrated services and products specifically designed to help schools enhance their provision and achieve the awards. The LTA awards scholarships to upcoming performers to be funded through university. The funding assists with entry fees, travel, accommodation at tournaments, training camps, sports medicine, coaching and fitness training, testing and monitoring. It aims 'to make Britain a great tennis nation by helping to grow the sport throughout the country at all levels, from the grass roots of the game to success on the international stage.' The LTA also allows talented performers to be sponsored so that they can receive support from several corporate sponsors. The Government is putting �130 million into developing new or modernised sports facilities, so that we can offer communities sports facilities on their doorstep. As local authorities are the main providers of sports and recreation facilities they are helped by the National Lottery to create new sports for local people. Clubs are especially supported as they offer that opportunity to people of every age. ...read more.

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