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Local and National Provision in Netball.

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The sport I have chosen to examine for the local and national provision investigation is Netball. I have played netball since primary school and have gone through the grass roots in the Bournemouth and Poole area. I reached county level and now continue playing in Wimbourne's ladies league. I therefore have an ongoing interest in this sport. Netball was born in 1895 but it wasn't until 1957 that worldwide representatives devised a set of official standard rules. Netball only became a recognised Olympic sport in 1995 when it looked forward to programmed status and participation. The Governing body for Netball is 'England Netball'. A Governing body is a dependant organisation which develops and promotes it's own sport, it organises competitions, enforces rules, is involved in team selection and liasing with other national and international sport bodies as well as increasing participation at all levels. In this investigation, I propose to show how England Netball is providing opportunity and provision on a local and national scale giving access, participation and motivation to all. ...read more.


The local league structure consists of eight divisions played on three consecutive nights a week. For the older members, ladies leagues are played in various areas. They are competitive but played for enjoyment rather than team selection. County and National Leagues: County squad selection starts at the beginning of each season and players who are deemed good enough are recommended to attend. This can be through scouting or just by personal belief. County squads range from under 14 level up to the open selection. A player is only fully recognised when they are selected to represent the County at under 16 levels. There are a large number of leagues in play around the country; For those who don't make County teams there are the Millennium youth games. This is part of Sport England's initiative to promote active sport. Regional tournaments are held and Bournemouth attends this each year. Netball is classed as a female sport and is dominated by female participants. However, provision has been made for males. ...read more.


the sponsors of the England team The Federation of Europe Netball Association is a large-scale body that works on a larger scale than England Netball, but not quite at international level. They help oversee the England Netball schemes and policies and are there as a helping hand to any netball body in Europe. They also liase with bodies around Europe creating leagues and fixtures. To conclude it is clear that there is very good provision in terms of female participation but overall the provision for males is poor. This is the same for the disabled. Netball is an extremely female dominated sport and males are not sufficiently provided for. As male participation stops after primary school level. Through looking at the policies and development scheme of England Netball and comparing them with the missions,I would say that England Netball are well on the way to achieving their goals and they have thought carefully about ways in which to extend provision for male participation and facilities for the disabled. ...read more.

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