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Local and National Provision Project on Netball

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Local and National Provision Project on Netball During this project I am going to look at local and national provision for netball in the following areas: grass roots development, provision for/ pathways for elite performers, additional agencies and bodies, provision for disabled participants and the provision for male performers. Then at the end I will analyse all the above areas. The structure of England netball The All England Netball Association is the NGB they are in charge of everything to do with netball in England and is run by a board of directors. There are national committees below this; these are national committees are divided into 9 regions with 57 counties. There are 352 leagues in the counties, 26 of which are junior. There are 2,994 clubs that participate in these leagues and there are 74 youth college clubs and 2552 schools are involved with England Netball. Grass Roots Development National-England netball has devised a scheme called active sports. The idea behind active sports is to develop young talent. Active sports is a 5 year development programme, which is coordinated England wide and delivered at a local level. The main provider of this is local clubs. Sport England funds this project. Active sports has 4 stages. Stage 1= local schemes, this is aimed at you people, who already know about netball, usually, through school. ...read more.


Stage3- There are about 20 players in these squads. These players receive training at the weekends from January to September Stage4- players who play in the U17/U19 are automatically nominated as TASS athletes. This makes them part of the super league. The selection for national squads is done via the super league. Stage5-You must be aged 16 or over to compete in the national squad. Local-My local sports partnership offers a FANS scheme, which provides opportunities for players who reach stage 4. This gives a lot of benefits such as small grants, discounts from physiotherapy in Kent, free use of facilities and a free personal coach. This scheme was established in Kent in 1998. This is an important plan in providing support for the county's leading talented and elite performers. Additional agencies and bodies Sport England Sport England is a government body that organises and promotes the provision of facilities both locally and nationally. It looks to encourage participation and performance in sport and recreational activities. There slogan is "more people, more places, more medals." They have a mass participation pyramid that relates to the slogan above. Below is what is included on this pyramid. Gold (at the Olympics, world championships etc) Elite national groups National junior squad Teaching and coaching opportunities Sport and recreation in a healthier community Provision for the disabled National- People with severe learning disabilities compete mainly in netball at a recreational level. ...read more.


Locally there isn't that much aimed at bringing in new players but it does encourage young players to get involved in the sport and show how much fun it can be. Provision for the elite- in my opinion nationally, this is the best, well catered area in netball. It is well planed and has a strict route to follow and gives lots of opportunities to talented players. Locally, the provision for the elite is good but only if you are already at a high level. It doesn't do a lot to encourage younger talented players. Additional agencies and bodies- They seem to be committed to improving the sport and raising the standard of the game. Provision for the disabled- nationally there seems to be a lot of ideas but not an awful lot of them seem to be actually happening. From my research it seems that disabled people don't know that much about the sport or the opportunities that are available. England netball is trying to make clubs more aware that disabled people want to play and by doing this it will create more options and interest for disabled players. Provision for male performers- I don't think that there is that much interest from men in the sport. I think this because there is so much publicity and provision on 'male sports' such as football and rugby that they don't have the interest as there are so many other opportunities available. This is why I feel that the profile of the game needs to be raised. ...read more.

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