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Local Study. I will be undertaking my local study on the provision and opportunities of football in Oxfordshire.

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Local study 2.2 Introduction I will be undertaking my local study on the provision and opportunities of football in Oxfordshire. The national governing body of football is the Football Association with the local governing body being the Oxfordshire Football Association. The OFA has the ambition of providing opportunities to anyone who has the desire to take part in football. They aim to do this by putting in place the appropriate infrastructure to help manage, control and oversee the development of grass roots football in Oxfordshire. If this can be done, it is likely the participation of football in Oxfordshire will significantly increase which will therefore emphasise the need to improve the quality of coaching in Oxfordshire which is currently an issue in this county. Grass Roots and Local Football The ESFA (English Schools Football Association) is the Football Associations main partner for the provision of football opportunities. They provide sport to over 5,000 secondary schools and 20,000 primary schools in England. There are 20 competition managers which organise football competitions around the country. The ESFA aims to increase the amount of competition managers in the country in order to enhance the provision and opportunities available to children attending school. ...read more.


For girls there is a similar format with the Oxford Mail girl's league available for girls participating in Oxfordshire. Referee's in Oxfordshire Due to the increasing popularity of football locally, there is a great need for more referees to oversee competitive matches. The FA aims to employ over 10,000 referees in the near future in order to supervise more competitive games. The OFA provides many refereeing courses for aspiring referees. There are different courses which can be undertaken and each course is only applicable for certain levels of football. For instance, the basic refereeing course allows a referee to supervise 11-a-side football matches, women and girls football matches, disabled football matches and youth football matches. For information on the referee's associations in Oxfordshire, see Appendix B. In order to become a referee, you must register an interest with the OFA. The OFA will then provide the individual with the necessary information required regarding the date, venue, costs and time of the refereeing course. The procedure for this refereeing course and the costs involved can also be seen in Appendix B. ...read more.


Funding for football in Oxfordshire In order to develop and enhance the reputation of football in Oxfordshire, it is fundamental that money is invested to help provide facilities and quality coaching and referees to officiate matches. The Football Foundation is a business which was created by the football authorities and the government in order to finance development at grass root level and get more involved in football. There is a community and education small grant scheme available to start up football clubs for instance. This may involve the costs of actually starting up the club as well as additional facilities needed for training and coaching participants. The football foundation also has a junior kit scheme. This provides funding for kit to U18 teams as well as adult teams with disabilities. The scheme is available to either FA charter standard clubs or FA focus schools. Clubs can apply for �800 which is divided into �400 for boys football and �400 for girls football. A school can apply for a �400 grant every three years. In relation to this kit funding scheme, it is very apparent that the football foundation fully condones the development of disabled football, especially in Oxfordshire with the BOBI league which began in November 2008. ...read more.

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