Local Study - Provision & Opportunity for Football in London (Haringey)

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Amir Mohsenifar

AS level Physical Education

Local Study


Local studies 2.2- Provision & Opportunity for Football in London (Haringey)

For my local study I have chosen to research football in my area of north London, mainly focused on the boroughs of Haringey and Islington. The local study will be centre around the opportunities available to develop roles as performer, leadership and official and if the governing body the ‘FA’ (football association) has a role in this. In the borough of Haringey there are many parks, Astroturf pitch hire and Sunday youth teams. The level as which football is being played at in the borough is ‘Foundation’ [1] as many players play to keep fit and enjoy it.

The schools in Islington and Haringey offer boys physical education lessons in football. This improves their knowledge and improves the skills which can be used in a match. There are two big parks specialised for football in Haringey. These parks are available to anyone and it is free.  The most sophisticated park is in of the Haringey (Muswell Hill Playing Fields) has fog lights which are on till 11pm depending on the seasons. On the other hand when it is raining the private sectors are available.

There is only one facility which allows you to hire pitch in this borough which is Powerleague. The cost for students is usually £3 per person but during Friday Saturday and Sunday they charge for the hire of the entire pitch which is expensive for students.  Within Islington and Haringey they are many opportunities to develop football through grass roots.  Powerleague has partnered up with two football foundations. These are called ‘Haringey Kicks’ and ‘Spurs Foundation’.  The age group for this varies from 13 years old all the way up to 20 year olds. The sessions are fully funded by the foundations and involve organised tournaments on Friday and drill/training on Saturday.  An average session usually has 20-25 players attending. The FA has worked close with councils, boroughs and Arsenal FC to get kids of the street and playing football. Arsenal FC have funded the operation and provided an Astro turf pitch in the middle of a council estate in Finsbury (V).

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The WFL (Watford Friendly League) is a football Association and partner with the FA (Football-Association) founded in 1970. WFL provides provision for football opportunities among every town between London, Watford, and St Albans.  It consists of both genders from under7s to as old as under18s. They provide on average 200 games per week and around 9000 boys and girls are in this organisation (IV). The facilities improve as the age group increases. Due to the facilities and the cost of renting the pitch there is a joining fee for each team. The joining fee is usually £150-£200. This cost cover ...

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