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PE Coursework - Section 1

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The sport that my PEP is designed for is ballroom dancing. I chose this activity as it is something I am interested in and enjoy participating in. I currently train once a week on a Thursday with the dancers of Chippenham. I have only been doing it for a month so I have not yet passed any exams, however I am working towards passing my exams in February. Overall I am a healthy person; I eat fairly healthy and exercise regularly. However one health problem I will have to overcome whilst doing my PEP is asthma. My asthma will limit my breathing which may cause a problem whilst performing my circuit as I will find it hard continue to do it. However as long as I take my inhaler 15 minutes before I start the problem should not be so bad. Aims I am doing my pep to improve my fitness levels and if proved successful to help others. I am going to perform my circuit twice a week for four weeks. I will need the use of a gym to perform my bench dips and pull ups. I will also need a ladder to perform my ladder run, a skipping rope and a bench for my step ups. After I have completed my circuit I will record my heart rate for 5 minutes so I can see how long it takes for me to recover. ...read more.


The last thing a dancer needs is timing. If a dancer can't get in time with the music the routine will not be preformed correctly and will loose points with judges and could lead to any number of things including fall over. Gross body co-ordination is also important as dancers need the ability to maintain balance whilst moving. There are no health requirements to be able to dance. In fact dancing is offered as a movement therapy for children with special needs. A factor which affects ballroom dancing is structural differences for example height, weight, length of limb, size of trunk etc. These natural characteristics gradually change from child to old age. They are related to a person's ability to learn a skill. An example of a difficulty a person could have is their height. If a person was tall but their partner was small this could cause a problem. It would make it awkward to perform particular movements, especially turns. I am 16 and have been dancing for a month. I think that I have progressed well for the amount of time I have been doing it. I am small in height and have an average weight so as long as my partner is not too much taller than me dancing should not be so difficult. Fitness tests To test my fitness before I start my circuit training I will be doing 6 tests. ...read more.


The performer must place one foot on the 20m marker at the end of each shuttle. If they come to the end before the beep, they must wait until the next beep to continue running. If the performer fails to reach the end of the shuttle by the beep they have 2 or 3 further attempts to reach the beep in the time. If they don't manage this the performer must withdraw. Then you should record the level reached. At the end the performer should do a cool down comprising of static exercises. This test measures your stamina, and also vo2 max. it is a fairly reliable test due to the fact it tests both vo2 max and stamina at the same time. However it is debatable whether it is a valid test as it is a maximal test and relies on the performers motivation. Illinois test The illinois test is 10 meters long and 5 meters in width. 4 cones should be used to mark the start, finish and the two turning points. Each cone in the centre is spaced 3.3 meters apart. To perofrm the test the performer must lie on their chest at the start point. When a whistle is blown the performer must jump up and run around the course till the finish. Then record the time taken. The illinois test measures agility. Agility is a measure of many factors such as speed, balance and co-ordination. Because of this it's validity can be questioned. To make this a reliable test timing gates can be used. ...read more.

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