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The exact components I am hoping to improve in my action plan is my muscular strength.

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Action planning Training schedule Introduction The exact components I am hoping to improve in my action plan is my muscular strength. I will be looking to improve on my static strength (being able to use my body strength when still to hold of a player) and dynamic strength (using my muscle power in arms and shoulders to drive my legs faster). Fitness is another component I will be looking to improve to a new level, as recently I have realised my fitness has reached a plateau level where my fitness has levelled off. I now hope to improve my fitness to a new level by pushing myself harder in the course I have set out, which has increased in length as well. The final components I am looking to improve on is my skills that I am not as strong as in the game, which in particular I will be looking to improve more on my right foot using it more in training and practising heading as well. Starting position It is obvious that a starting position is needed to be known so adapting each of these components can be achieved through comparing it to how the staring position of each component was at. In terms of working at home I have never set out to work on my upper body, as I normally work on endurance of the body by going on the treadmill and rowing machines. Now with my training plan I will be looking to increase my upper body strength with a set plan of how I am going to work at home, and focus on my arms trying to stick to the reps I have intended to do. My progress will be me re taking both lateral hang and sit up tests to see if I can improve on my scores, that are stated in my assessment of week one progress. ...read more.


How to do hammer curls Stand with feet hip-width apart, legs slightly bent and arms by sides. Start with arms slightly bent and hold the weights so palms face inwards. Lift the weights towards shoulders keeping elbows tucked close to the body. Flex the biceps at the top of movement then return to the start position. Do not allow the body to sway with the movement. Lateral raises - This exercise focuses on the deltoid (shoulder muscles). How to do lateral raises Stand with feet hip- width apart and knees slightly bent. Start with arms by sides holding dumbbells so palms face inwards. Slowly lift arms away from sides keeping elbows slightly bent until hands are at shoulder level, with palms facing downwards. Breath out as you lift and as you lower. Tricep overheads - This exercise is used to strengthen the tricep muscles. How to do Tricep overheads Stand with feet hip-width apart and legs slightly bent. Hold dumbbells behind head so elbow is level with head. Extend arm and keep elbow close to head. With abdominals muscles kept tight to prevent back stain. Return slowly back to starting position. Chest press using free weights - This exercise is used to strengthen pectoral muscles. How to do chest press First lie on your back on a bench with knees bent and feet on bench. Hold a weight in each hand and bend arms so elbows are at 90 degrees. Palms should face the wall opposite you. Extend the arms upwards so they are nearly straight and then return to start position. Pec flyes - This exercise is used to strengthen pectoral muscles. How to do Pec flyes Lie on your back on a bench with the knees bent and feet on bench. With palms facing wall opposite you extend arms out away from the sides (abduction) until hands are level with shoulders. Use chest muscles to slowly raise weights up when arms are nearly straight return to start position, slowly breath in. ...read more.


This helps to get use to attacking the ball and powering the ball downwards making it harder for a keeper to get down to save. Next practice is to get a team mate to throw the ball high into the air around the penalty spot and for the player to attack the ball heading it into the empty net. Then put a keeper into the frame to get the player picking a spot of the goal more. Next development is then to get team mate chipping the ball into the box from edge of area out wide and player rising to meet the ball and score past the keeper. A defender can then be introduced so attacking player has to lose marker to meet the ball first and try find the back of the net. Final drill is crosses coming from the left and right alternatively at pace, so the player has less time to lose his marker and get in position to meet the ball and hit the back of the net. This drill is crucial to practice again and again as it helps develop belief at being able to get on the end of crosses and to score from it. Game situation This is when I play on a Sunday at eleven a side and 5 a side at night. This is where I hope to start seeing rewards from my training and other work I put in, transfer to the game situation to improve my weaknesses in the game. My knowledge of results I hope to be me scoring more goals with my weaker foot which will hopefully will hopefully not be a weaker foot no longer and be able to meet more headers in the box from crosses. My knowledge of performance will hopefully be me knowing that I can score with both feet at ease and after the game I can reflect on my performance knowing I have adapted my game more from the trouble I cause defenders. ...read more.

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