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This report is based on the background information required to set up a small football club.

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1. INTRODUCTION: 2 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: 2 3. COMPETITION: 3 4. COMMITTEE: 3 4.2 CHAIRMAN: 3 4.3 MANAGER/COACH: 4 4.4 SECRETARY: 4 4.5 TREASURER: 4 4.6 PLAYERS: 4 4.7 SUPPORT STAFF: 4 5. SPORTING EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR THE CLUB 4 5.2 EQUIPMENT LIST: 4 5.3 SUPPLIERS IN THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AREA: 5 5.4 NATIONWIDE SUPPLIERS: 5 6. ADVERTISING: 5 7. HOW ELSE TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE CLUB? 7 8. WHAT IS THE POTENTIAL IF THE CLUB WAS TO BECOME A SUCCESS? 7 9. CASH FLOW FORECAST: 7 Business Report: 1. Introduction: 1.1 This report is based on the background information required to set up a small football club. The club will be located in a village called Cropwell Bishop, just south of the major city of Nottingham. The name of the team has already been decided as; 'Bishop United'. The club is going to be aimed at the under 16 year old male villagers. The village of Cropwell Bishop is a medium size village surrounded by smaller villages, these villages will be used as a probable catchment area for other players, so advertising must also be aimed within these areas. ...read more.


The clubs secretary has a number of duties with responsibility for ensuring that the cub fulfils obligations. The secretary is not involved in managing but ensures that all the documentation is completed and open to public inspection, the secretary also deals with all signing on fees. 4.5 Treasurer: The treasurer puts together financial reports and assesses how and when the club is able to afford to buy equipment. Also how much money is needed and when the money is needed to be raised by. The treasurer also controls the bank account along with the Chairman as two signatures are needed to take money out of the club bank account. 4.6 Players: There role is to give the club 100% commitment on and off the pitch including fund raising and community events to give the club a good reputation, this is as much part of being a player as turning up for all the games and training sessions as players will only get back what they put in. 4.7 Support Staff: Include parents, local villagers, qualified First Aiders, training staff, physiotherapist. The primary roll of the support staff is to aid where ever they can in all aspects in running the club, from washing the kit to driving the players to games. ...read more.


An injection of money could lead to the club developing in other ways for example, the number of teams within the club, U10's, U11's, U12's etc. or even a girls team developing which may help to develop girls leagues, this proposes equal opportunities and a chance to give girls who are interested a go. 8.2 Managers will be able to take players on trips or training days in order to enhance performance if this does occur and players from other clubs notice the development it may persuade them to reconsider their position at their current club. The club will be able to enter into tournaments as well as the local league; there is always the chance of players being scouted at tournaments which will do no harm to the clubs reputation. 9. Cash Flow forecast: 9.1 Bishop United needs to keep control of its working capital. It is vital to know what money is owed, what money is due and what the cash flow position is. It is essential to control this aspect of the club if it is to succeed. Among this document you will find an estimated Cash Flow Forecast which will hopefully take shape a the beginning on April Business and Management Research Gemma Fox 1 ...read more.

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