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Why go to a college where you're going to become heavily in debt?

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Why go to a college where you're going to become heavily in debt? Spend more time drinking beer from a keg, then studying for your classes. Finally, to end up going to those classes just enough to pass and be fed the useless information that is needed to get a degree, that quite honestly, you won't use. This is sadly how many people feel college is. They get this image of college largely based from movies such as "Animal House" and "National Lampoon's Van wilder" , where all you do is simply get wrecked all week and show up for a class here and there. However, college is not only an implement in which to become a professional and make more money for yourself, it is also a place in which you can grow as an individual. In brief, college furthers you not only in the tangible world, but in the intangible world as well. ...read more.


Through electives college makes you learn about almost every aspect of the world. During your 4 years you are allowed the privilege of briefly touching on any subject you wish too. In doing this, you become more capable as a person and a professional. Now you can not only provide a service to society, but be aware of the society in which you are providing the service, making you a true professional. Once you have acquired the needed skills and knowledge to become a professional you will start the hunt for a job. Once again college will help you with this, because through the knowledge you have gained in college you will indefinitely be a better spoken individual and much more competent about the decisions in which you make. College in short opens the door to greater job opportunities due to the extra training and specialization you have acquired. With the wider variety of choices in front of you, you will no doubt be able to pick a position of employment that not only satisfies you fiscally but also emotionally as well. ...read more.


Finally college just allows you greater potential for yourself as an individual. Through college you learn to become an independent thinker. You are given the opportunity to look at something and decide how you feel about it. There are no longer the boundaries that are emplaced in grade school. Furthermore you are usually let free from your parents grasp. Now this may seem like a small thing, however there are a lot of decisions that parents make for their children on a day to day basis that go largely unnoticed. When you are set free from the oppressive grip of your parent you are in fact let go from the chains of slavery in which you were held. So for example if you wanted to question your belief in the religion in which you were brought up in you can do that without the worry of someone looking over your shoulder. ...read more.

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