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Analysing How Conflict Has Affected Human Rights in Israel and Palestine.

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11-13/1/03 Analysing How Conflict Has Affected Human Rights in Israel and Palestine Every individual has nobility. Human Rights were introduced as a way of guaranteeing that the dignity of everyone is properly and equally respected. To be more precise, a human being should be able to fully expand and use human qualities such as intelligence, talent and conscience. One ought to be able to satisfy his or her religious and other needs. This is a brief description of Humanistic Civil rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNUDHR) was prepared by the U.N. as a form of keeping peace between civilians. The term 'United Nations' was first used on the 1st of Jan 1942 to represent the main group of countries (USA, Britain, France, etc.) fighting against the three axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) (www.un.org/). On the 25th April 1948, the United Nations was formally set up. It aimed to keep international peace and solve problems without violence. It was 1948 when the UNUDHR had been introduced. Since then, there have been many conflicts arising all over the world. One of these is the dispute between Israel and Palestine. This began when Jews wanted to settle in the Arab-inhabited land of Palestine. ...read more.


There have been other murders and attacks, a countless number, and everyday, there are at least two more. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an important law document that is mandatory for all humanity to obey. However, exceptions such as Palestine and Israel have chosen not to listen. Both regions have broken several rules that have been recorded in the UNUDHR. Firstly and most obviously, as it is stated in article 13 of the Human Rights manuscript, "everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." This is referred to the right of refugees being able to return to their homes, which Israel is not abiding by, since they are nevertheless imprisoning Palestinian immigrants. The U.N., however much it persuades the Israelis to free their refugees, does not affect the decision of them in any way whatsoever. Israel has consistently denied the right of return. They also routinely killed Palestinians who attempted to cross its boundaries in order to return to their homes. This issue is one of the largest related to human rights. However, many others are overlooked as well. Article 15 of the Declaration, which instructs that "Everyone has the right to a nationality," is also broken undoubtedly as the disrespect and hatred for each others' ethnic groups develops higher and higher. ...read more.


Other diminutive peace concepts that may not instantly change everything, but may improve the harsh atmosphere, is that people of opposing state should end the hate and disgust they feel towards each other, and start acting amicably and respectful. This way of thinking would very much improve the inhumanity that people express towards one another, and certainly improve the dangerous conflict between Israel and Palestine. As both states have valid arguments, it is quite difficult to take sides. Israel is living in fear so as to not relive the Holocaust incident. All Palestine wants is a share of Jerusalem and the release of refugees. Either side has a somewhat understandable explanation for their behavior. Therefore, I do not support nor Israel or Palestine. I think that the Americans should take into consideration the war that could break out between the two nations, and verify the best solution to the problem, instead of flaunting their power and status and being selfish by vetoing every suggestion. When the US problem is sorted, I think Israel and Palestine will only have to get rid of and find a compromise with the minor setbacks. It will then be only a short while before the hostile barrier is smashed down, and peace is once more brought to the Middle East. ...read more.

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