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constraint in marketing campaign

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Task H There are number of constraints that could affect my campaign. These include the following: Finance I believe that throughout my project the biggest problem I was likely to face was my funding and distributing my funds across all aspects of my campaign. Despite the fact that Coca-Cola is a multi-million pound company they will limit my budget, because the organisation must take into many considerations to ensure that they invest a balanced amount of finance in to the advertising campaign. If I spend too much money then the business will lose money and this is opposite of what their aims are to achieving their objectives People The way I manage my people is going to be very important to the success of the project, this is based around how I delegate my tasks down to people. Also I will have to manage all my superstars whilst shooting my adverts. I will have to keep all the superstars and workers happy and content in their working environment. I have to keep my workforce happy aswell as productive because if the workforce is unhappy then my chance of producing a successful project will decrease. ...read more.


Youth Sport * CCGB has supported local council events for over 5 years e.g. Ravenscourt 3 on 3 basketball competition. * Since 2000 CCGB has supported a Hammersmith and Fulham team at the annual London Heathrow Youth Games. This is the largest Youth Games in Europe for people under 18 and attending school or college. * CCGB volunteers are working in partnership with the local Council and special needs schools to operate the Hammersmith & Fulham Special Olympics Local Committee. Click here for more details on the Special Olympics. Above is an article from coca cola website, It shows what a business like mine should do to avoid this becoming a problem. My campaign has a sporty and energetic theme to it so it should prove to be a problem for me also to ensure that this does not affect me I must ensure that I do not advertise a product which portrays a negative image on the society in terms of health. Legislation Legislation would be a legal constraint in terms that could damage my campaign. There are a number of legislations which I need to abide by in order to make a legitimate advertisement. ...read more.


Date Name Coca-Cola Plant 1989 Avelino Chicanoy Pasto 4/8/94 Jose Elaseasar MancoDavid Carepa 4/20/94 Luis Enrique Giraldo Arango Carepa 4/23/95 Luis Enrique Gomez Garado Carepa 12/5/96 Isidro Segundo Gil Carepa 12/26/96 Jose Librado Herrera Osorio Carepa 6/21/2001 Oscar Dario Soto Polo Monteria 8/31/2002 Adolfo de Jesus Munera Lopez Baranquilla COKE CAN'T HIDE ITS CRIMES IN COLOMBIA Isidro Segundo Gil, an employee at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Colombia, was killed at his workplace by paramilitary thugs. His children, now living in hiding with relatives, understand all too well why their homeland is known as "a country where union work is like carrying a tombstone on your back." Read More... HUMAN RIGHTS SCANDAL LEAVES '$IX-PACK' SPEECHLESS A few corporate power brokers at Coca-Cola and Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks today stand accused as accessories to a violent crime wave. While they sit on their assets, workers at Coke bottling plants in Colombia risk their lives every day simply by going to work. Read More... Projects like this can damage a business and its reputation, also if the group can put enough pressure on a company it can possibly force them to boycott their campaign. I have to ensure that I carry out my campaign in a way where I have carefully considered and overcome any potential pitfalls. Pro ...read more.

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