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How important was the holocaust in the establishment of Israel.

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How important was the holocaust in the establishment of Israel The holocaust seems to be a major reason in the establishment of the state of Israel. The state of Israel was created in May 1948; the Jews finally had a homeland of their own. There were a variety of long-term causes such as the Balfour Declaration, Zionist movement and short-term causes such as the holocaust and the influence of the USA. The area, which is now called Israel, was part of Palestine; it was under British mandate at the start of World War One. The holocaust is a term used to define the systematic killing of over 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime from the years 1933 to 1945. It took place in Nazi occupied territories, through death camps. After the end of the Second World War, the Allies, and the rest of the world were enlightened to the plight of the Jews during the war period, and their true suffering was revealed to the world. This created an immense international wave of sympathy; people began to question why the Jews could not have their own homeland. ...read more.


On top of these agreements Britain also committed itself to a third agreement, these was the Picot/Sykes agreement which stated that Britain and France would divide up Palestine between themselves and disregard the calls to create nation-states for the Jews or the Arabs. The Balfour agreement put pressure on Britain to carry out their promises. However it would be extremely different for Britain to give the Jews what they had been promised because of the promises they had made to others. Another cause important to the creation of Israel was the Zionist Movement. The Zionist movement played huge roles in pushing the cause for a new homeland. Amongst its members was a man named Chaum Wiezmann, a Jewish chemist. Along with Lord Rothschild he played an important part in securing the Balfour agreement. As well as campaigning, the Zionist movement also later developed violent radical gangs and terrorists. The Zionist movement began in the 1890's when a Jewish journalist named Theodore Herzl witnessed the appalling discrimination of Jews in courts and other aspects of society. ...read more.


Britain holding the mandate of Palestine was the only country, which could create this homeland, Britain after running huge debts during the war relied on the money supplied to it by the USA through the Marshall plan and as a result needed to keep the USA happy. When Britain had it's back against the wall, with pressure from all sides - from its Allies, from the Jews rebelling against its authority and from the Arabs; it decided it was too much hassle and gave up its mandate to the United Nations. The United Nations with the pressure of the USA instantly created the Nation State of Israel and it was officially recognized by the USA immediately. There was resistance from the Arabs but this was quenched. It seems that both the influence of the USA and the holocaust had remarkable bearing on the tilt towards creating a homeland for the Jews. At the end of the First World War, the notion of the Jews owning their own homeland was laughable yet several years later, the Jews not only had this homeland but also had it situated in the lands of their forefathers. ...read more.

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