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The Comparative Essay - My group and I are working on a play called the "Birthday Party" By Harold Pinter.

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Ryan Woods 11GG 11A/Dr1 The Comparative Essay (Part 1) My group and I are working on a play called the "Birthday Party" By Harold Pinter. The work is set in 1960's. The scene we doing is about a man, names Petey returning home from some sort of morning to job to a boarding house where his wife, who's called Meg and is the owner, fusses around him. We start to see that this routine is very basic and a sense of this what they do every day. As the scene goes on Stanley comes in and plays quite a grumpy teenager. I play the part of Petey. At the time of this plays setting, men had more of a dominant role in society and the women didn't work much and did more of the housework. This could mean that the male characters in plays around this time were more dominate and women did more housework and just like Meg, fussed around their husband as he was the only source of income, this could influence Meg as being fussy and concerning over Petey. ...read more.


The two plays are humorous on different levels. The Birthday Party is funny because of we can see Peteys clear boredom of having this conversation and routine, which we can tell is a daily thing he goes through. Megs stupid comments just to speak and engage with Petey and in cases, to know out side life, is funny to us because the questions are stupid like when he's just got the corn flakes and she asks if they are nice and he hasn't even tasted them. However, the two plays have similarities. Pinter and Leigh are both known for naturalism. The scene on Birthday Party I performed was very natural and realistic nothing out of the ordinary happened it was very simple and plain but it was easy to relate to which made it effective and the birthday party as too naturalistic and perhaps more modern and in the effect of couple arguing and women playing more dominate roles. ...read more.


For Meg she kept her fussing and questionable ways and when Stanley comes down he was more mellow and got the attitude of I've got my wrapped round my little finger. We used symbolism in our play, for example my paper. When I played Petey, the paper was my only bit of something new for that day, everything else was the same predictable self but my paper, which I'm though out the scene reading or holding, gives me salivation from Meg and the predictable ways. We are keeping the style very naturalistic. This is different from the other play as the characters pace changed very much through the play. At one time they would be talking and the next minute there would be an argument to change the pace and the mood in which all the characters felt. You never felt the characters would stay for long at one place whereas Petey stayed in the chair all the time and kept his pace the same except it did change sometimes. The other text (Abigail's party) influenced our performance by making Meg a little more dominate and persistent for Peteys attention. ...read more.

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