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Why did hillary clinton lose the primaries

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Why did Hillary Clinton lose the primaries? Last year, the fact that Hillary Clinton would win the primaries was inevitable. Most people thought it would be a clear, clean cut and easy win; she had the backing of the democratic super delegates and her party as a whole, and was looking forward to being the first woman president. In December 2007 Hillary Clinton led Barrack Obama by 45% to 27% (PollingReport.com 2008) which usually shows an undeniable victory, however this year the race has two new issues to deal with, feminism and racial issues. Although if people looked at her views and the "strings attached" with her at the beginning would this hypothetically undeniable victory have been the case? There can be many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost including the simple fact that she didn't lose but Obama won, which is often overlooked. The most prominent reason that Hillary lost in my opinion was that her message of "change" was not strong enough this year compared to Obama. ...read more.


I believe that this backlash by Obama, including backlash on other issues, is a large factor why Hillary Clinton lost the primary. Bills involvement in Hillary's campaign for presidency was a vote loser in my opinion. He demolished the representation for change in the campaign as he had already been president, and therefore was a large 'insider'. The question in most Americans minds was how could Hillary represent change if her husband caused many of the issues now, before President George W. Bush. Another issue is Bill's untrustworthiness. His infidelity in the past, along with many small white lies to congress during his presidency, contrasts with the large emphasis on trustworthiness in this campaign on change and honesty. The comment he made comparing Obama's campaign to Jesse Jackson's did not help his image either; "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here." ...read more.


Whereas Hillary on the other hand concentrated on raising the full amount allowed of donations by wealthier donors, which also means there are less. She had collected approximately $400,000 in campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists in one go, which is a very large sum. Also as of July 27, 2007, Hillary Clinton had 221 bundlers for a total of $62,532,868.00 raised, which is a large sum to start ff any campaign, however this was quickly deplenished, and as these donors could not give money again, she had to struggle to change her sources of her money. In conclusion, there are many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the democratic primaries to Barrack Obama, not only because his campaign was more organised, but through minor faults or mistakes of her own. This is a very controversial issue, and many people do not believe that Hillary really lost it herself. However my opinion is that the organisation of her campaign, her association with Bill, the Iraq war, and some personal characteristics lost it for her in the long run. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rachael Burden 13A 13/06/2009 ...read more.

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