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In Yosser's story from Boys from the Black Stuff

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Yosser's Story In Yosser's story from Boys from the Black Stuff, our first impressions of Yosser are that he is an ill minded and crazy man. This is due to the loss of his job and his failed marriage. As the play moves on, our views on Yosser change as we develop to see the more sensitive side of him as he shows all his affection for his three children. Yosser cares very much for his children that he would do anything for them in order to make them happy. Scene two starts with Yosser's dream. In this dream Yosser and his three children begin to walk into a lake. One by one Yosser begins to lose all of his children, and desperately trying to save them but to no success. All the people who he use like know like, Loggo, George, Maureen and Chrissie are all in boats on the lake rowing past Yosser. He is desperately shouting at them asking to help but they just carry on rowing past. ...read more.


Behind the flat of Moey's, Yosser comes up to Maureen and forces her up against a lamppost. Maureen's immediate reply is "For Christ's sake leave me alone you bastard, I don't want you anymore!" Yosser pushes her head up to the lamppost, he tries to head butt her but she moves her head out of the way so he hits the lamppost instead. This seen makes us feel very sorry for Yosser as he has been told to basically get out of her life. In scene eighteen Yosser meets Graeme Sourness (a famous footballer) in the pub. He takes his children into the pub, maybe hoping to have some fun family outing. When he arrives it is very quiet and tense between everyone, which makes us feel sorry for Yosser as he must feel like an outcast. The manager tells Yosser that children are not aloud, Yosser glares at him so the manager says well just this once. This scene makes us feel sorry for Yosser as he is alone and he is anti - social. ...read more.


Yosser didn't deserve it as no one should be treated like that unless they have committed a very big crime. In this scene the policemen come across to be very vicious and violent men. Alan Bleasdale distracts our attention away from Yosser in this scene as we begin to feel sorry for him. In scene forty, Yosser bursts in on a doctor demanding to know where his children are. This scene tells us that Yosser's feelings for his children are still there, even though what he has been through. He can't live without them. Yosser couches in the corner of the room making strange crying noises, this shows that Yosser has lost it and he thinks he has nothing else to live for. In scene forty five, Yosser tries to commit suicide. He tries to drown himself in a lake, which reminds us of his dream where he lost all his children. As he begins to drown and bob back up the policemen just watch but eventually swim in and save him. Yosser fails in trying to kill himself and everything else he does as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Paul Edwards English Coursework ...read more.

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