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The development of functional magnetic resonance imaging has made a huge contribution to the field of neuroscience in advancing our understanding of brain functions. The first Fmri study was performed in the early 90s, but since then the technology has ev

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Standard Coursework Cover Sheet Section A Please complete ALL parts Module Code Module Title Course Title CW1 CW2 CW3 CW4 Module Instructor Student ID Number Section B Please read the statement, and sign the declaration Plagiarism - work presented in an assessment must be the student's own. Plagiarism is where a student copies from another source, published or unpublished (including work of a fellow student) and fails to acknowledge the influence of another's work or to attribute quotes to the author. Plagiarism in an assessment offence (see actions Section 11: Regulations of the Student Course Handbook, pp. 78-81). Student Declaration: "I declare that the work submitted is my own" Section C Tutor's Comments For centuries people have been eager to understand and control the functions of the mind and human brain. In the last few years it has become possible to image the functioning of the brain in real time using the functional magnetic resonance imaging ( fmri). ...read more.


The fmri technology permits these differences in the brain to be seen. This process relates to the energy released by the brains neurons within a specific area of the brain. The powerfull magnets stimulate the atoms and molecules in the blood that flows to the brain cells. The stronger the magnet used, the higher the resolution of brain images. In addition, functional mri produces no ionizing radiation, so potential risks to subjects or patients are reduced ( Buxton, 2002). The fmri in research is used in combination with structural magnetic resonance imaging (mri), which accommondates an anatomical bottom line, functional mri allows optimal spatial resolution during an activity. These images allow researchers to compare a healthy subject to a patient with a neurological disease or disorder. Investigators can then acquire information from comparing the differences between the two groups. In addition, fmri combined with magnetoencephalography (meg), which provides temporal dimension of brain activity, gives investigators further knowledge for the basic functions of the brain ( Veitz, 1994). ...read more.


Then they were asked to make a judgment about the congruousness of the action and categorize it to " appropriate" or " inappropriate" by pressing one out of two buttons( Greene et al, 2001). As it was indicated by the findings, the areas of the brain involved in emotion were more active as participants were presented a moral personal dilemma compared to the activation levels when presented a non moral or moral impersonal dilemma. In contrary, the levels of activation in the areas associated with the working memory were significantly lower in moral personal dilemmas. In addition, the reaction time, when a participant responded " appropriate" to a moral personal dilemma, was remarkably longer which suggest that an emotional conflict was taking place ( Greene et al, 2001). In conclusion, the findings of the study indicate that emotional responses have a strong impact on moral judgment, as it is shown by the paradigm of the trolley and footbridge dilemma, that although have the same outcome differ in the direction of the action and the emotional involvement of the individual. ...read more.

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