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pastrol cycle

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The incident that I am going to be talking about, involves a year 10 female pupil. This member of the youth was always willing to participate in activities, willing to help at the end of the sessions or events that were being organised. Unfortunately, this member always wanted something far greater. An achievement that she could say I did that! I poured my heart into that! Over the next few weeks, I began to see a change in this member. I felt like she was giving up on helping us as thou she did not see the point no more and could not see things progressing. Her attitude towards other people also seems to change as thou she was jealous of other people who were helping out, or other people who were getting bigger jobs in the youth. Thou she never asked or came forward asking for a bigger part (confidence?) I did not know what to do with youth, I knew she wanted more and I could see that but did not know what path to take. I decided to talk with other leaders and they mentioned about the next youth camp coming up later in the year. Thou it sounded like a great idea I was concerned she was not ready or confident enough in her self to take up such a huge challenge, because she was new to the club. ...read more.


time got this member to open up more; I gave her an opportunity of being a my personal helper in the club. So that later on in life she could later work her way up if she so choose to and become a trainee leader. Sometimes it felt wrong for me to picking on a just one member but never did I feel like the youth were against me. I felt like they understood the situation and I also began seeing changes in the circle of youth I was interested in, they were also showing a willingness to lead a helping hand. It was like the first stepping-stone. Not only was I was helping one member of youth but her circle to. I decide to look up self-confidence in the bible for this member of the youth and maybe for my self as well. I found a passage that goes on to say: There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love (NRSV 1John 4:18) This passage begins to answer the question on how much God loves us and believing in him is so important. Fear and worry signal that we are not yet perfect in our belief in how much God loves us. ...read more.


Thou on another hand I am extremely happy that I achieved this person particular goal and changed them so great that even other leaders and parents congratulated me. That this person is now so confident they do believe that fear is no object that fear is just a simple word. However, it was just not one person I changed. Her circle of friends also changed and that was because I stepped into that friendship circle, and I now know and understand more than one person. I feel like I have personally changed to, because I would say for me it was a learning curve, and probably I grew in confidences to. Why, because I showed my self that I can do things for my self and others. Those other leaders do not have to do my work for me. From this experience, I decided to act more upon events in the club that if something did not feel or seems right I would investigate more into. From this I also feel that I have helped changed other members of the club and hopefully one day they will do the same for others. My goal is that one day the youths that I helped will help other in similar situations, and I happy to conclude that this member I mentioned about it now a trainee leader of our youth club, so now she can share her own experiences with other members of the club. ...read more.

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