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Serving Newton

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At the start of the year's University Physics 1 degree course, the Physics Professor looked at the motley crew filling the lecture theatre. He knew some students were destined to survive, while others would drop-out. In a rather callous way, the professor wrote-off the previous twelve years of the students' scientific education before introducing the course. Writing on the board just four symbols, he continued saying "The single most important equation in the Universe is,"

" F = m a "

The experience could be likened to watching the rector at church, singing the praises of the most exalted one. "From this equation" he said, "everything else, all other forces are derived, forces including motion, gravity, electrostatics and magnetism. This can be experimentally proven over-and-over again as a Law of Nature, as a Universal truth. " But this was no rector, this was the bishop, the professor himself outlining Newton's laws of motion, showing the magic relationships that exist in the sciences. The Universe seemed to make sense at that moment, but then his reverent attitude turned. He introduced into this overview scheme of things, three body gravitational systems. At this point, he stated that Newton's laws failed, for "this is where Einstein's approximations come into their own, for only they can accurately predict and solve the forces that exist between three or more bodies in the Universe."

Something appeared to be very incorrect; for this did not ring true. It seemed impossible that a law of Nature, a known Universal Truth, could be wrong? The professor was expressing the common cosmological opinion that Newton's laws of gravity are deeply troubled, if not wrong, yet he found it amusing that cosmologists could not suggest any mechanism to explain gravity or to improve gravitational theory.

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Due to the seek times and storage needed in major mainframe computer installations, removable disk platters were used. Some of these drives spun the 8 plate 30cm diameter platters at speeds above 5,000 rpm ( 83.3 rps producing a tip speed of some 178.53 m/s or 282 Km/h). The head crash could cut the disk from the platter in a second. Once airborne, the disk would smash through the protective housing, the casing, flying-off across the computer room to bury itself edge-wise into any distant object, with such an impact force, chemical reactions take place between the disk and the object it entered. These disks do not strike objects, they enter them and form chemical bonds.

As the gyroscope spins, it passes through periods of absolute stability, followed by periods of instability. As the disk slows, the precession becomes more and more pronounced. Eventually as the rotation fails, the force of gravity grounds the gyroscope. This effect indicates an atomic and molecular resonance in the gyroscope, where the centrifugal and centripetal forces are continually compensating. A magnetic shock travels along the axis and rebounds, but in the mean time, the disk has rotated. If the reflection point is immediately below or 180 degrees out of phase, stability exists in the gyroscope, however, as the reflection point drifts out of phase, the system's instability increases as the axis is knocked from the vertical position and then precession follows the rotation. The precession may cause the object to violently wobble when the phase shift is 90 degrees. This is a molecular resonance effect and is different between different materials. This is the G-wave, an effect caused by matter's elasticity.

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The sagitta and the radius of curvature are selected in the mathematical limits, leaving the lens-radius to set the actual calculation limits. The limits apply in two directions, the vertical depth and perpendicular radius of the latitude disk, to rationalise the three dimensional sphere by rotating the structure through addition of each ring or cylinder. As the triple integration enters the picture, one must use the computer program (Appendix 8) to reach a bottom line figure, that is, providing the computer can add. Just put numbers into it and let the computer do the hard work. Appendix 7 explains how to use Appendix 8. The Sagitta or depth of a circular

arc is given as S = R - image08.png( R2 - r2 )

where R is the Radius of Curvature and r is the radius of the disk or sample size.

In this case, the Basic language statement would be

L# = R# - ( R# - SQR (( R# ^2 ) - ( LAT# ^2 )))

where the depth "L#" of the arc at radius LAT# for the particular radius of curvature R#.

Rotational energy does not work from the centre of mass, rather it operates in two separate directions, one perpendicular to the axis of rotation at a height on the axis of rotation parallel to the primary body's equatorial plane, while the other is away from the axis at that radial distance, hence, the key parameters in determining the total rotational energy are the radial distance, the distribution of mass and the revolutions per second. Owing to relativity, the forces experienced on the surface are different as one needs to examine the centripetal forces in the structure. To further the understanding of rotational energy and its relativity to a system, means examining the behaviour of mindless matter in systems. Perhaps the best place to continue this quest is to view the worst situation possible, absolutely mindless destructive matter in the rotating Universe.

-------end chapter 14 -----

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Mechanics & Radioactivity section.

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