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A business plan is a detailed statement that sets out proposals for a new business.

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Business Plan 1. A business plan is a detailed statement that sets out proposals for a new business. The reason business plans are made is because it explains the ways in which existing businesses could be developed. Planning a business involves researching and collecting information, and analysing and presenting this information in a way that decisions could be made. Business plans should contain the following: * A summary outlining the proposals key features. * Statements of the businesses aims and objectives * A description of the business to be started. ...read more.


2. A business plan consists of three plans. They are financial plans, marketing plan and operation plans. The financial plan includes the sources of finance that are used to run the business with, a balance sheet and cash flows and budgets. The marketing plan is all about how you're going to promote your business. This may consist of promotion, target market, which the competitors of the business are and the prices of products. The operation plan is basically how the business will be operated. ...read more.


* Accountant would have an interest in a business because * Owners and shareholders would also be part of a business because they have a part of a business as they own a part of it. * Suppliers would also be a part of the business because that's where businesses get their stock and products from. * Investors in a business would also be interested in a business because they help people set up businesses. Such as banks, shareholders and venture capitalist. 4. The uses of a business plan are ...read more.

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