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Sonia Bhangu Year 10 BTEC First Diploma in Business Unit2: Developing Customer Relations MERIT- CRITERIA M1: You need to write up a role play based on a customer service problem. You will need to act it out at a later date. This will need to show that you can demonstrate good customer service in solving a problem. Group work I worked as a part of a small group of 4 people. We had to work as a team together to find out solutions to different customer service situations. We had to put down our ideas on sugar paper. In this group work, I have worked really well. I suggested many good situations for my group to investigate on. At the end we decided to work on the following problem: "Not enough stock for the customers." I moved the discussion forward by recommending some very reasonable solutions for the chosen situation we decided to work on. Our solutions were very good and we thought and discussed about them, then finally we came to an end by deciding on how to solve the problem. In a real business situation we would solve this "Not enough stock" problem, by apologising to the customer and politely requesting them to have patient and wait till we can solve the matter. ...read more.


Other business provide their staff with a dress code or guidelines which tell staff what to wear and what not to wear at work. This makes it easier for the staff to decide what to wear. Also it makes the business look very smart and formal. It is straightforward for the customers to recognise a member of the staff because everyone is wearing the same clothes. Interpersonal skills are very important to a business. It relates to the way the staff behaves when dealing with customers. Even if someone is very popular with their friends and families this doesn't mean that, that person will be great to work with their customers. Neither does this mean that he will be automatically be skilled at handling customers. Interpersonal skills are about the attitude, behaviour and your first impression and greeting customers. Your attitude is influenced by the way you think. If you are upset because of some personal reason, then you will have a negative effect on your work. If you are fed up then you will be bored. But if you enjoy being with others, then you will be friendly. That's why it is very important to have a good attitude, so you can work well and so that you can enjoy working with others. If you enjoy doing your best, then you will be focussed and motivated. ...read more.


If it is not, then something is obviously wrong. To evaluate customer service it is therefore important to look at the businesses key information, which will either conform or deny about what is going on in the organisation. It is obviously pointless obtaining and evaluating customer service if no action is taken to remedy any problems. The evaluation process should identify any areas where improvements are required e.g. the sales department, customer service etc. Businesses have to differentiate between general failings that are affecting many consumers and problems which are more specific. As an example, in 2004 Sainsbury's was struggling with an IT problem that affected distribution of supplies of products. So many of its shelves we just empty, the customers were complaining and the level of sales fell down. The company took immediate action, to resolve the problem and the improvements it made helped to bring the sales levels up again. And the sale levels did rise up again to its normal standard. This presents a different problem to the company than a complaint made about a member of staff who has been rude or negligent; this type of complaint needs to be investigated carefully to find out what actually occurred before any action is taken in case the complaint is unfounded. If there is a serious problem the person concerned may need to be retrained and/or disciplined. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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