BTEC national Business Unit 1 P1

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Matt Caddy

UNIT 1:  

Exploring Business Activity

Deadline Date: 30th March 2010

As part of your ongoing training, your manager has suggested that you explore business activity.  You are going to carry out an investigation into two contrasting businesses Tesco and the charity Children In Need.

Outcome Activity 1.1

Pass 1 – I am now going to describe the type of business, purposes and ownership of Tesco and the charity Children in Need.

Description of Tesco business activity

Tesco is a UK Based International grocery and general merchandising retail chain. It is the largest British retailer by both global sales and market share. Based on revenue it is ranked third out of the global retailers. Wal-Mart (commonly known as ASDA) and Carrefour (a French company) are currently first and second.  Originally Tesco only sold Food and Drink but now they have diversified into areas such as Petrol, Insurance, Clothing, Electrical Goods and many more.

Description of Location

Tesco is an international company based in the UK. Tesco branches are based in vari0us locations from the centres of towns to in the middle of high streets. Unlike other companies, Tesco have smaller stores as well as their big supermarkets. These small stores can obviously be installed in small local areas which provide an easier service for the public to use. As Tesco is an international business, it also has stores in many countries such as; People's Republic of China, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Malaysia and Indonesia. Having an international business means that they will be more known which in turn can increase profits. They also have petrol stations with small 24/hour shops which is easy access for the local community. This is probably one of the main reasons why they are currently the largest retailer.

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Description of Business Sectors

Public sector is a business which is funded by the taxpayers. The taxes of which we pay go to the government to pay for services such as NHS, Fire Brigade, Police, Schools and Customs and Revenues.

Private sectors are all individual businesses. People will set up a private business in the hope to make profit. Sole traders, Partnerships, Public limited company, Private limited company and franchises are all types of business sectors.

Voluntary/Non-profitable businesses otherwise known as charities are businesses that are set up to make ...

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**** This is a reasonable introduction to business which should have met the pass criteria but contains several errors. The piece on the end about Children in Need is in much less detail and could have been given more prominence. In many ways it is not a typical charity and the writer may have been better to pick another one which does more in the distribution of the money raised.