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Business At Work

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Unit 1 - Business at Work Assignment B & Q PLC 1.0 INTRODUCTION B & Q has been in the D-I-Y business for more than 30 years and is a successful and innovate home improvement retailer. B & Q employs 35,000 people in over 321 U.K stores. B & Q operates two different kinds of stores - the larger B & Q Warehouses which cater for the needs of the keen D-I-Y'er and trader with their wide range of products and staff expertise, and B & Q Superstores which are convenient for most people to pop into for everyday needs. B & Q's has a range of different products; each product is sold under different types of category: o Air Conditioners & Fans. o Appliances. o Bathroom. o Bedroom. o Building & Timber. o Christmas. o Christmas Gifts. o Curtain Poles & Blinds. o Doors. o Electrical Fittings. o Fires & Radiators. o Fixings. o Floorings. o Garden Buildings. o Garden Centre. o Garden Centre & Facilities. o Garden Power Tools. o Hand Tools. o Home & Storage. o Kitchens. o Lighting. o Paint & Varnish. o Painting Accessories. o Plumbing. o Power Tools. o Safety & Security. o Tiles. o Wallpapers. B & Q also offer services in and out of store: o Customer Service & Advice. o Fittings, e.g. Fitted Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc. 1.1 All businesses have objectives to help them plan and set targets for what they want the business to achieve. B & Q's Objectives are: o To be successful and have a large market share. o To build on the company's reputation. o To ensure all staff receive appropriate training to enhance existing skills and develop new ones in order to help them work more efficiently. o To maximise customer satisfaction by ensuring all goods and services provided are of a high quality. B & Q is a Public Limited Company. ...read more.


achieve their goals, which are, 'To ensure all staff receive appropriate training to enhance existing skills and develop new ones in order to help them work more efficiently' and 'To maximise customer satisfaction by ensuring all goods and services provided are of a high quality.' The human resources department ensures that all staff are trained and qualified for a certain area to work in, it also ensures that all goods and services that are provided by the staff of B & Q are to a high standard to achieve the objective of customers being satisfied by high quality products and services. o Management; A management department has different levels, which are senior (directors or owners), middle (managers), and junior (operatives and support staff). At the top of the businesses structure is the most senior mangers of the business, usually the owner or the managing director. Below this are levels of less senior managers, middle managers, junior managers, supervisors, operatives and support staff. Except at the top and the bottom of the structure, employees at each level are responsible to a supervisor or manager at the level above and have authority over a number of employees at the levels below. Activities involved within the management department: o The control of the organisation is kept in the hands of the person at the top. o It is easy to maintain a particular identity or standard of service and quality in a large organisation. o There is a chain of command, which is defined clearly, with instructions flowing downward through all levels of employees and information about performance, problems, etc. are flowing upward. o All the people within this organisation know their role and who they are responsible to and who they have authority over. The management department works together with B & Q to achieve its objectives, 'To ensure all staff are treated equally and receive appropriate training to enhance existing skills and develop new ones in order to help them work more efficiently.' ...read more.


Disadvantages of being a Person culture: o With a person culture being hierarchical, it means that decisions will also be slower. o With power being hierarchical the power is derived from the employee's and their position in the organisation. iii) B & Q's management style is Consultative. This affects the company's performance because with the management style being consultative it means that the consultative managers of B & Q have to consult other people before making decisions, which can be time-consuming. But the outcome is usually very successful and by making the right decisions with more people's opinions it helps B & Q's performance and operations run a whole lot better. This is because with the right decisions being made, B & Q are more likely to run successfully and their overall performance is to a high standard. With the management style being consultative, with decisions being consulted before the conclusion is drawn up, it helps the company's objectives be met in a successful way and they then can be achieved to a high standard. Advantages of the management style being Consultative: o Decisions are not made just by one person, which means that the decisions made are thought out and then the people who have been consulted decide on their decision, and all the individual decisions are compromised to reach a final decision, which agrees with all or most of the people. o There are a series of mechanisms (e.g. newsletters, team briefings, suggestion boxes, etc.) that makes it possible to get the feel of the decision-making process. Disadvantages of the management style being Consultative: o Decisions may be slower to reach and can sometimes take as long as a week. o Wrong decisions may be made, because its what the people who have been consulted feel is right, but people like the customers may not agree with their decisions. o Sometimes people are not consulted and mechanisms are not made, then the consultative managers have to make the decisions on their own (this is very rare or unlikely to happen in such a large organisation). ...read more.

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