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Describing Businesses

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McDonalds are one of the biggest restaurants and franchise in the world, because of its hamburgers. McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer. A franchise is that a business name can be sold to a company or an individual. The franchisees often pay a fee so that he can get the decorations from the large business. However the franchisee can only sell the franchisor's products. Purpose The purpose of McDonalds is to make a big profit of course, but McDonalds wants to provide food services all over the world. Size and Scale There are more than 31 000 local restaurant in the world. So McDonalds has more than 400 000 employees so it is a large business. ...read more.


So if one partner runs a big debt his partner can be asked to pay it off. Purpose The purpose of this business is to make a profit and then share it with each other. And that the deed of partnership will remain for a several years. Size and Scale This business is a local business. There are only 4 Employees in this business so it is a micro business. This business serves only the local people. Ownership There are 2 owners in this business because it's a partnership. The owners are Barry from the Butcher and Dhillon from the super market. Tesco plc is a UK-based international grocery. It is the largest British retailer. Tesco is a PLC (public limited company). ...read more.


Ownership David Reid is the chairman from Tesco's There is only 1 owner in this business. The owner of this newsagent is a sole trader, so he is on its own. A sole trader is able to work in a area which they have interest in. The disadvantages of being a sole trader is when you are in debts you might have to pay up your own personal belongings. Purpose A sole trader purpose is to make a profit, but they might to that by working in long hours, so they got a little time to take a holiday, because if they go for a holiday, which last long the sole trader might lose money. Size and Scale This business serves only the local people. This business is a very small business. There is only 1 employee in this business so it is a micro business. Ownership The Sole trader who made this business owns this business. ...read more.

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Here's what a star student thought of this essay

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Response to the question

This essay ably picks a variety of businesses, using McDonalds, Tesco and a couple of local firms, yet the description is incredibly brief. There are a wide range of terms used in this essay, such as franchise, PLC, sole trader, ...

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Response to the question

This essay ably picks a variety of businesses, using McDonalds, Tesco and a couple of local firms, yet the description is incredibly brief. There are a wide range of terms used in this essay, such as franchise, PLC, sole trader, etc. If this essay had elaborated on these concepts, it wouldn't have been too hard to achieve harder marks.

Level of analysis

This essay is able to display knowledge throughout the essay, but lacks any real analysis. For example, it is able to note that McDonalds is a franchise, yet there is no clear explanation of what this means. I would've liked to have seen the essay explore what a franchisor offers to help set-up, other than the brand alone. To add to this, this essay could've explored a few ways the franchisee pays the franchisor. This ranges from percentage of revenue, percentage of net profit to a fixed fee, so there is plenty of scope to explore here. The same can be seen for all sections of this essay - if the terms were explained rather than just stated, the analysis would've have been much stronger. It was nice to see they posed a disadvantage of being a sole trader. Simply offering advantages and disadvantages at GCSE level is a great way to gain marks, as it shows understanding and application.

Quality of writing

The essay is structured well, with clear subheadings. However, it becomes incoherent at times with the grammar being incorrect. For example "Before when two people setting up a business together they are drawing a deed of partnership" makes no sense. Also, I have a query with the formality of this essay. It tends to be very colloquial, and this is not to be advised for a formal piece of coursework. The outline is there with this essay, but there is plenty of work to be done!

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Reviewed by groat 15/02/2012

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