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Functional Areas of two businesses

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Task 4 D1 How do the functional areas contribute to the overall aims and objectives of these two businesses. I have explained the main purpose of having aims and objectives in task one and here I will explain how the functional areas contribute to the overall aims and objectives in The Coca Cola Company and Midland Co-operative Society Limited. The Coca Cola Company The Coca Cola Company was established in 1886 and it operates in more than 200 countries and markets more than 2,800 beverage products. These products include sparkling and still beverages, such as waters, juices and juice drinks, teas, coffees, sports drinks and energy drinks. Four of the world's top five non-alcoholic sparkling beverage brands are theirs: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. AIMS Aims are the long term visions or goals of a company. All companies have aims they want to achieve. Coca Cola also has its aims: * To make a profit by being able to satisfy a need that exists * To refresh the world and inspire through their brands and their actions * To create value and make a difference everywhere they engage OBJECTIVES Objectives are targets which are set to help to achieve a company's aim. Objectives are more specific than aims. The objectives of Coca Cola are: * Maximizing return to shareowners while being mindful of their overall responsibilities * Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be * Bringing to the world a portfolio of beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy peoples' desire and needs * ...read more.


The production department also play a critical role in this process. It produces enough quantity of those products so they can deliver their new or existing products across six continents on time. Coca Cola has a range of beverages for every type of people. If customers want diet drinks, it has diet coke, still fanta and energy drinks without sugar. If customers don't like one flavour every time, it has variety of flavours in most of its brands like coke, diet coke, coke zero, coke cherry and coke lime. If customers want healthier products, it has Vitamin water, energy drinks, juices, juice drinks, tea, coffee and mineral water. BEING A RESPONSIBLE GLOBAL CITIZEN Coca Cola is in more than 200 countries and is one of the largest companies in the world therefore it is a global citizen and it must respect government policies, environment and communities in countries it operates. The management department, the marketing department and the corporate social responsibility department make monitor, analyse, and take decisions on social subjects. The management and the social responsibility department run many projects to help and protect communities and environment across its six operations which include Water Stewardship, HIV/AIDS Education, Youth Development and Fighting Malaria, Active lifestyle, Environmental Stewardship, Disaster relief, Nutrition Labelling, Responsible marketing, Sustainable Packing, Energy and Climate Protection and Physical activity programmes, Encouraging Supplier Diversity, Product Quality. Key facts: * World's largest plastic recycling plant in US * Energy saving equipments that saves up to 35% * Goal to return an amount of water they use to communities and nature * Contributed $100 million to communities worldwide by The Coca Cola Foundation (Source: www.thecoca-colacompany.com) ...read more.


The management department at Midland Co-operative thinks about development of society and make decisions such as opening new stores. Midland Co-operative is running two projects of opening new stores in Stirchley, Thurmaston, Raunds, Dronfield and Swanhurst. This is how they expand their society and move society forward. When these will open, they will new some people to operate these stores so the HR department will recruit people for these stores. This will be their investment in society. Midland Co-operative trades locally therefore they will buy products from local farmers around their stores and the sales department will build up new customers as well in those areas so this will be their growth of people through efficiency. * BEING OPEN, HONEST, FAIR AND CONSISTENT All departments and every employee are involved in contributing to be open, honest, fair and consistent. The HR department ensures that every employee in Midland Co-operative has equal opportunities and also explains them about their roles and responsibilities towards Midland Co-operative in training. The management department and the finance department make sure that all members are kept informed. The administration department sends out regular newsletters to their members and employees. The finance department also prepares annual report and social responsibility report to give details explanation of What Midland Co-operative did last year. The customer service department in all their food stores, non-food stores, travel stores and funeral stores provides consistent service to their customers and always tries to provide more than good customer service. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 1 Exploring Business Purposes ...read more.

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