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How can advertising influence us when purchasing food products?

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How can advertising influence us when purchasing food products? Advertising is one way for manufacturers, retailers and consumers to communicate. Advertising is an important aspect of promotion and one in which companies invest large sums of money. Advertising is an excellent mechanism used to sell a product to a consumer by supplying a selected amount of specifically chosen information to encourage sales. A business may use informative advertising to give information about the advertised product and persuasive advertising to persuade members of the public to purchase the advertised product. There are many ways that businesses can advertise their products to persuade consumers to purchase them. Advertisements can be seen in: Newspapers A newspaper is an excellent way to advertise products as the majority of the population purchases them at some time, giving the advertisement the capability of reaching a wide audience. Another advantage with advertising in newspapers is that there are specialized newspapers eg. Irish News or News of the World, which could include advertisements for specialized products. A newspaper could potentially influence consumers when purchasing food products. For example, a specialized newspaper such as the Daily Mirror may have advertisements including soft drinks such as "lucozade sport" which would be aimed at the sporting readers who may be influenced to purchase the product because of its brand name and successful history with other sports people who feature in the newspaper. ...read more.


Cinema The cinema is a good way to advertise although people who visit the cinema regularly only see it. Cinema advertising is frequently locally based and is often used by shops in the area. The advertisements usually shown in the cinemas are of foods and drinks usually high in sugar and fat for example ice- cream, popcorn or fizzy drinks. Some of these foods can be purchased in the cinema premises. Vehicles Advertising on the side of vehicles can be very effective because it may be seen by a large number of people in different parts of the country. Names of shops and pictures of fresh produce on the outside of delivery lorries may influence consumers to purchase food products from a particular store if the delivery lorry looks clean and well. Any slogans showing offers in the shop on the outside of the vehicle adds an extra bonus as the other drivers can see that the shop has goods offers and is not too expensive. Shop Window Displays These displays are very effective in attracting the passing public to enter the shop and make purchases. If the window display or display outside the shop is attractive it immediately gives the impression that the goods inside are of good quality. ...read more.


There are many websites, which businesses use to advertise food products that can be purchased online. This is a quick and easy way for food to be ordered and no travelling expenses are needed which is an excellent way to influence consumers to purchase food. Other websites, which give examples of delicious food recipes usually, contain a list of ingredients contained in the meal. If the meal seems nice, links are usually provided on the web page for the consumer to purchase the ingredients online shop. Free samples Free samples of food are very effective; especially when present in the grocery store where the consumer can purchase the food there and then. Free samples offered to consumers when there are special offers on the food products. These offers play a large part when influencing us when purchasing our food products Advertising can be seen and heard in many different forms daily. They play a massive part when influencing us particularly when purchasing food products. We must remember as a consumer that we make the decisions ourselves and we must not be influenced by advertisements. Our bodies require a balanced diet including a wide variety of foods rich in vitamins and other minerals. If we are to eat unhealthy foods high in fat and sugar products we must remember to eat them as a treat and not part of our daily diet. By: Hollie Green 4M ...read more.

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