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In this project I am going to produce a marketing campaign for a small retail business

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INTRODUCTION In this project I am going to produce a marketing campaign for a small retail business. The business, which I am going to "make", will have competitors in the local area. Before I am going to open my business, I will have to decide on a few main things. E.g. which products I am going to sell, the prices at which the products are going to be sold, where my business is going to be located and how I am going to promote my shop and the products. For my marketing Campaign Plan, I am going to develop a small supermarket, which will be called Shoprite. I want to keep the supermarket as small as possible and the products at the best standard. The supermarket will sell essential household products and I also Would like to stock a selection of sweets/crisps newspapers and magazines, ice creams, fruit and vegetables, cards, yoghurt, cigarettes etc. Shoprite will not be located in central Seaford but on the outskirts of town, mainly in residential areas. The reason for this is that it will save people from driving into town for their necessities. Shoprite's competitors will be: 1. Costcutters 2. CO-OP 3. Scoop 'n weigh 4. Green Grocers Before I decide on the products, which my supermarket will be selling etc. I am first going to draw up a research plan as; it is going to help me with the information that I will need. The data that I will collect, I am going to gather by handing out questionnaires to people aged 10 years and older. ...read more.


Marketing Objectives: Before embarking on any marketing activity, the marketing department must decide on their aims and objectives. An objective is how an aim could be achieved. Marketing Mix: The Marketing Mix is the term used to describe the various Marketing activities of a firm. These are referred to as the 4 P's. The 4 P's stand for: * Product - goods made or services provided by businesses. * Price - A price where the demand for a product equals its supply. * Promotion - communication between business and customer, making the customer aware that the product is for sale, telling or explaining to them what the product is. * Place - Where a business is situated. e.g. Safeway is situated in the residential area. There are four marketing Objectives that I am going to use for my marketing campaign. * Advertising: To create goodwill in a competitive and changing environment. * Sales Promotion: To maintain/improve levels of sales in a short term. * Promotion: To minimise the bad effects that a change might have on the market. * Market Research: To change existing or develop new products/services to meet customers needs. PRODUCTS I am going to outline the products/services that my business will be offering and then explain how I will differentiate my products/services from my competitors. Shoprite is not going to be anything grand and smart, it is just going to be a plan and simple supermarket, as it isn't going to have a huge selection of different brands (an named product which customers see as being different from other products) ...read more.


The advert is competing Against a lot of other Adverts on the net, so it Has to really catch People's attention. Leaflets, Junk mail It is cheap to produce and To distribute and it is good For targeting certain People. Junk mail or leaflets are Easy to ignore. MARKETING COSTS: Newspaper: Black and White (�) Colour (�) The Sun 32,300 39,700 The Guardian 15,500 17,000 The Time 17,000 23,000 Financial Times 30,912 39,000 Daily Mail 22,680 32,760 Magazines: Black and White (�) Colour (�) More 6,350 9,200 Just17 4,900 7,930 NME 2,500 5,620 PC Review 1,000 1,600 Computer Weekly 3,940 5,280 Computer Shopper 1,992 2,847 PC WORLD 2,400 3,000 Radio: Cost for 5 min 30 sec adverts (�) Capital FM 15,716 Kiss FM 4,573 2 Ten FM 1,911 Television: Cost per 30 seconds (�) London 7,500 Midlands 5,250 South East 6,200 Cinema: Cost per screen, per 30 seconds (�) London 121 Rest of UK 76 Other forms of Marketing and Advertising costs: Research Approx. �100,000 per exercise Product development At least �100,000 Exhibition Approx. �15,000 in total Teletext �3,500 per full page (per week) Direct mail �85 per 1,000 exc. Postage On cinema tickets From �12 per 1,000 Rugby (5 Nations Billboard) �5000 per board per season Taxi (Interior Panel) �17 per month Balloon releases From �850 per 1,000 CONTENTS 1. Introduction to project 2. Mind map 3. Overall Research Plan 4. Business Objectives 5. External Environment 6. SWOT Analysis 7. Marketing Campaign Objectives 8. Marketing Research (theory) 9. Research Plan 10. Questionnaire 11. Questionnaire Analysis 12. Product 13. Collage of product ideas 14. Floor Plan 15. Price 16. Table of Competitors Prices 17. Place 18. Map 19. Promotion 20. Promotional Campaign Planner 21. Advertisement/Leaflet 22. Marketing Constraints 23. Conclusion 24. Evaluation 25. Sources of Knowledge ...read more.

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