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Job roles and contracts at Alton Towers

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Ride worker/Ride Operator, this person has a low levelled and low skilled job, they have little pay, and these people tend to have low-level skills, and no GCSE's, these workers tend to want to work part-time, or seasonal work, these workers have little responsibilities. Ride worker being a seasonal job the job security will be minimum meaning they can get fired easerly. Ride workers have to work with the public, so they may need good communicational skills, in order for the ride in which they are working on to be effective. For this job you will need good communicational skills, they need to shows commitment and flexibility. Ride worker or ride operator must be over the age of 18. The benefits for a ride worker consist of free tickets for all Merlin attractions, Discounts and special offers with a variety of companies including O2, Sky, and Ticketmaster, and they will receive a pension scheme and life insurance. Assistant Area Manager (for rides): this job offers the chance to have more power than a ride worker; ride managers have authority over ride workers. In this job you will have to search for the highest standards as far as customer service and safety of customers and all rides and attractions. ...read more.


With this job you will be expected to put ideas forward to improve customer service, and try to lower all business costs. As an assistant manager for rides, you will be expected to run a team through ride operations. And any other small jobs the manager asks them to do. Importance: The job title and description gives the stated party in 1. It shows the roles and activities that the employee will carry out during work hours, or in the work premise. 4. Address of the workplace The Employee will work from: Alton Towers Theme Park, Staffordshire SS09 5EW Importance: states what park or aspect of the business the employee will work and the location they will work. 5. Salary The Employee's salary is �17,500 per annum. Payments are monthly by BACS directly in to your bank account. If you do not have a bank account you will need to open one. Importance; states they method of payment and amount of pay for the year. 6. Hours of work The Employee's working week will consist of 40 hours, from Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 6pm. There is a 1-hour lunch break: timing to be agreed with immediate supervisor. ...read more.


strong worded sections giving a clear indication in what the employee receives for their labour and gives a clear indication of what they are expected to do or complete during hours of work/ in their job; Section 3. (Job title and description) states this and gives a detailed analysis. Section 3 links well with section 5 (Salary), 6 (Hours of work) and section 11 (Disciplinary procedure) salary is closely linked with job title and description as they employee would want to know how much pay they are entitled to receive, for their work, the employee would also like to be informed of hours of work or days of work in which they are expected to be within or on business premises or a business activity (stated in the section 3 job title). Section 11 (Disciplinary procedure) is one of the many things the employee needs to be well informed about, this section of the contract is a good started for telling the employee the basics of what they can or cant do within the business. But in my opinion this section of the contract could be a little more informative and state some examples, of 'gross misconduct' or 'minor misconduct' to clarify what they cannot do. D.Taylor B1, B2, B3 ...read more.

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